Who Killed Simon in One Of Us Is Lying? Everything You Need to Know!

The teen murder mystery drama One Of Us Is Lying is based on the same-named best-selling novel.

Mark McKenna plays Simon, whose death is the main focus of the drama. Simon dies tragically when he has an anaphylactic shock during his school detention. But in the Netflix series, who was Simon’s murderer?

Who is Supposed to Killed Simon?

Simon goes into anaphylactic shock at the start of the play because he is allergic to peanuts. His life is in the hands of high-achievers Bronwyn (Marianly Tejada), Nate (Cooper van Grootel), Cooper (Chibuikem Uche), and Addy (Annalisa Cochrane), but there is no EpiPen in the nurse’s office.

Who Killed Simon in One of Us is Lying

Simon dies, and when it is found that his water had peanut oil in it and that all of the school’s EpiPens had been stolen, the police think at least one of the other four students killed him.

Brownyn stole an exam paper, Nate sold drugs to a student who almost died, and Addy cheated on her boyfriend Jake, so they all had a reason to kill Simon (Barrett Carnahan).

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Cooper’s secret was that he was gay, but everyone except him found out from Simon’s popular blog About That. They find out that Simon’s friend Janae (Jessica McLeod) brought back the blog because she was sure that one of them was the killer. But when she can’t get into About That, she realises that someone else is behind everything.

Who Killed Simon in One Of Us Is Lying?

In a shocking turn of events, it turns out that Addy’s boyfriend Jake killed Simon. After Simon told him that Addy had a one-night stand with his friend TJ, he wanted to get even (George Ferrier).

Who Killed Simon in One of Us is Lying

Jake and Simon used to be good friends. They used to pull pranks and dares on each other until Jake got famous and left Simon behind.

He dared Simon to play a joke on the other people in jail by putting peanut oil in his own drink so that they would think he was a murderer. Simon wasn’t sure at first, but he wanted to get back at all the students he didn’t like, so he agreed.

Simon asks Jake to stay close by while they talk on their XBoxes so he can make sure the rest of the group uses the EpiPen right, but Jake refuses. This is when Simon hinted that he was recording all of these conversations, which made Jake nervous. To hide his tracks, Jake decided to kill his old friend.

He also wanted to make Addy look like the one who killed him, but when putting the EpiPen in her locker didn’t work out the way he planned, Nate was the next person to be blamed.

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Addy finds the messages on Jake’s Xbox and asks the other Bayview Four members to help her get the information to the police. All of them get into a fight in the forest, and Jake is trying very hard to get his Xbox back.

Then, Jake is killed by a gunshot, but it’s not clear who pulled the trigger. When the police find out that Jake killed Simon, they think he ran away because he was afraid of going to jail.

When they all get a mysterious text saying they know what really happened, the gang thinks it’s all over.

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