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Who is Deku’s Dad? What Happened to Deku’s Father?

who is deku's dad

Like many anime heroes, Deku was abandoned by his father. Everyone is interested in learning what happened to Deku’s father. Dad of Deku is where?

As Inko revealed to the doctor at the beginning of the series, Hisashi had the ability to breathe fire. The strength of his Quirk is unclear, however, given that his profession is heroism, his Fire Breath must be quite strong. He works abroad, but that is about all we know about his whereabouts.

There are only so many uses for the ability to breathe fire, and this fact alone may have led Hisashi along a certain career route. The whole puzzle is that. Let’s attempt to figure things out!

Who is Deku’s Dad?

Unfortunately, not much is known about Deku’s father. Fans are aware of Hisashi Midoriya by name, the man who asserts to be Deku’s biological father. It’s interesting to note that Hisashi is quite similar to the Japanese phrase “hisashiburi,” which means “long time, no see.”

Deku’s behaviour may be explained by the fact that his name is so near to a word that denotes a lengthy absence, especially in light of his mother’s protective character.

Deku is obviously cautious, as he inherits that quality from his mother, but some of his other personality qualities make more sense in light of the possibility that Hisashi is his biological father. Everyone has at some point in their lives desired they could breathe fire, which is Hisashi’s unique “quirk.”

What Happened to Deku’s Dad?

Unfortunately, little further is known about his father. What is certain is that his father ultimately accepted a position to work in another location. However, neither it nor his father’s whereabouts are known to us.

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The show’s creators have stated that the MIA dad will eventually make an appearance. The creative team for My Hero kept quiet about the matter but teased the major announcement during the panel it hosted at the 2018 San Diego Comic-Con.

Will we ever discover Deku’s father’s real identity? Whatever happens, Deku has made a name for himself and, in spite of his father’s absence, has emerged as a hero.

Will Deku’s Dad Ever Make an Appearance?

Horikoshi mentioned the possibility of Hisashi attending the 2018 San Diego Comic-Con Festival. Therefore, despite his disappearance, we can infer that he is still alive.

For the time being, all we know is that he works abroad, leaving Inko to raise Izuku alone. He might help Inko and Izuku, though, considering we’ve never seen Inko at work.

Horikoshi said “Deku’s father would be divulged in the future” at San Diego Comic-Con 2018, which is wonderful news for everybody who has been wondering where Midoriya’s father has been.

But it’s still unclear how the father will be revealed. There are several fan theories circulating regarding whether he passed away or became a villain, but at least there will be a clear answer today.

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He’s not in a rush to reveal his father’s location just yet, but he hopes the solution will come sooner rather than later. Fans currently only know that he works abroad and has a fire breath quirk, but his absence hasn’t changed anything.

Midoriya has been developing well with his mother, and now All Might is taking over as a mentor to aid him in maturing even more. It will be fascinating to see how Midoriya and his father get along if they do cross paths. However, the revelation will also affect this. When his name is revealed, there is no guarantee that he will join the series. The outcome could be tragic.

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