Spellbound Movie 2022- Release Date | Cast | Plot| Trailer | and Everything You Need to Know

Fans have been eagerly waiting for the spellbound movie. Therefore, we will give the most recent information regarding the spellbound movie. Here is everything you need to know up to this point. Let’s examine what we have discovered for you.

When does the spellbound movie come out? Who stars in the film spellbound? What is the movie’s plot? Is it a film worth watching? Where can I view the movie? If you wish to learn the answers to the aforementioned questions, you should read this article. Let’s get started. As per movieinsider, This film will be released on November 11, 2022.

About Spellbound Movie 

Spellbound (formerly titled The Unbreakable Spell) is a forthcoming computer-animated musical fantasy film directed by Vicky Jenson and based on a screenplay written by Linda Woolverton, Lauren Hynek, and Elizabeth Martin.

Rachel Zegler, Nicole Kidman, Javier Bardem, John Lithgow, Nathan Lane, and Jenniffer Lewis lend their voices to the picture, which was produced by Skydance Animation. Alan Menken composed the music for this work.

Release Date for “Spellbound”

Spellbound is set for release on Apple TV+ on November 11, 2022, by Paramount Pictures in the United States. Paramount announced the news. It occurred three years after David Ellison’s Skydance Media formed a collaboration with Madrid-based Ilion Animation Studios to start Skydance Animation.spellbound movie 2022

Holly Edwards, president of Skydance Animation, stated, “It is very exciting to see our team of iconic creatives working around the clock and throughout the world to bring these films to life.”

Spellbound Movie’s Cast

Rachel Zegler, best known for her role in “West Side Story,” leads the cast of “Spellbound” as Princess Ellian. Nicole Kidman will portray Ellesmere, the accurate, gentle, and straightforward ruler of Lumbria. Javier Bardem lends his voice to Solon, the arrogant and large-hearted lord.

John Lithgow portrays Minister Bolinar, while Jenifer Lewis portrays Minister Nazara Prone; both serve as the princess’ advisors. The Oracles of the Sun and Moon are portrayed by Nathan Lane and André De Shields, and Callan is played by Jordan Fisher, a young migrant who assists the princess on her voyage.

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We also know a great deal about the film’s creative team. The animated musical reunites director Vicky Jenson and producer David Lipman from “Shrek.” They will be utilizing the work of “Mulan” essayists Lauren Hynek and Elizabeth Martin, as well as “Beauty and the Beast” and “The Lion King” copywriter Linda Woolverton.

Alan Menken, a multi-Oscar-winning composer, is another name you’re likely to recognise from the Disney sector of the world. Menken, the creator of such Disney classics as “The Little Mermaid” and “Aladdin,” will provide the music and original songs, with verses by Glenn Slater (“Tangled”). Chris Montan (“Frozen”) is the director.

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This film was also influenced by former Pixar pioneer John Lasseter, who runs Skydance Animations alongside Holly Edwards. Lasseter’s hire was a contentious one, given that he was ousted from Disney immediately after sexual harassment allegations surfaced.

Expected Plot for Spellbound Movie 

The animated musical film “Spellbound” is set in a mythical realm where a little girl must break the enchantment that has divided her country in two. Ellian is a young woman who grows up using her magical powers to protect her family while the opposing forces of light and darkness attempt to divide her realm.

spellbound movie 2022

Given the people responsible for “Hypnotized,” you shouldn’t confine it to just that explanation. The film embraces its magical elements from its soundtrack to its emotional coming-of-age story — and who can say no to another supernatural child attempting to save the world? The head of Skydance Animation, Holly Edwards, stated that the film offers a “rich world” and “convincing characters.”

Development of Spellbound Movie

David Ellison reported on March 16, 2017, that Linda Woolverton was writing an animated film for Skydance Animation. On April 2, 2020, composer Alan Menken confirmed that he was working on a project for the studio with John Lasseter, which was eventually revealed to be Spellbound.

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Vicky Jenson will direct the picture, which will be based on a screenplay by Lauren Hyne, Elizabeth Martin, and Woolverton, and will feature songs by Menken and frequent partner Glenn Slater.

Following Lasseter’s hire, Mireille Soria, then-President of Paramount Animation, declared that the studio’s informal collaboration with Skydance would come to an end. Apple Original Films would replace Paramount as the film’s production firm, with Apple TV+ distributing it.

Spellbound Trailer: Is It Available Yet?

We don’t know when the trailer will be released. It will be released in 2022, although we hope it will be sooner. We will update this post as soon as we receive confirmation that the trailer will be released.

Last Words

“‘Luck’ and ‘Spellbound’ represent the next step of Skydance and Paramount’s commitment to featuring animation for the theatrical experience,” said Chris Aronson, president of domestic distribution at Paramount.

“These films, together with Paramount Animation’s own planned films, not only extend our strong connection with Skydance.” That means we’ll be delivering event-level animated films for the foreseeable future.”

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