A Jazzman’s Blues Release Date Confirmed!

Tyler Perry is returning to Netflix with a new film titled A Jazzman’s Blues. Everything you need to know about the upcoming original film is available here.

Tyler Perry wrote, produced, and directed the drama film A Jazzman’s Blues. Perry authored the screenplay in 1995, and it is his debut screenplay. Now, 27 years later, it’s been adapted into a film, which is available on Netflix.

According to What to Watch, A Jazzman’s Blues will be released exclusively on Netflix in the United States and the United Kingdom on Friday, September 23, 2022.

Anything else you need to know about A Jazzman’s Blues, including cast, synopsis, and more, is right here!

What is the Story of a Jazzman’s Blues?

According to the official synopsis, “A Jazzman’s Blues depicts a narrative of forbidden love that unfolds in the Deep South over 50 years, from 1937 to 1987.” A sweet-tempered young musician (Joshua Boone) and a tormented soul with a few secrets (Solea Pfeiffer) have an on-again, off-again romance intertwined into the story of a musical family.”

a jazzman's blues release date

Tyler Perry‘s passion project, A Jazzman’s Blues, was written in 1995. “I finished it in 1995. It was my first attempt at writing a script. The two characters are simply attempting to make their place in the world. “I wanted to play Bayou at first, but it was 1995, and I was too old,” Perry explained in an interview.

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He is now hoping that the film will connect with the public. “This is the very first thing I wrote, and I’ve been wanting to make it for a long time.” But it’s occurring at the correct time because it was meant for Solea Pfeiffer and Joshua Boone to do it, and it’s given me time to grow as a director,” the writer and director explained.

When Will a Jazzman’s Blues Be Released?

According to What to Watch, On Friday, September 23, 2022, A Jazzman’s Blues will be available exclusively on Netflix in the United States and the United Kingdom. If you wish to see the movie, you should make sure you have a subscription to the streaming service. Netflix now has a few membership packages for interested parties to choose from.

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It’s worth noting that the film will make its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival before going wide.

The Cast of a Jazzman’s Blues

The actors at the center of this love story may not be household names yet, as A Jazzman’s Blues is their first major appearance. Solea Pfeiffer plays the woman with the “troubled soul” in the film. Pfeiffer has previously been in Curb Your Enthusiasm, Scandal, and The Good Fight. Joshua Boone plays the “sweet-tempered musician.” Boone has previously appeared in shows such as Downtown Girls, Law & Order: SVU, and MacGyver.

a jazzman's blues release date

A Jazzman’s Blues also features a few actors that will be familiar to anyone who is familiar with the contemporary TV environment. The film features appearances by Ryan Eggold (New Amsterdam), Amirah Vann (Queen Sugar), and Milauna Jackson (Animal Kingdom).

Trailer for a Jazzman’s Blues

While Tyler Perry is well-known for his humorous films, such as those in the Madea franchise, his tragic works show him at his best as a writer. A Jazzman’s Blues appears to be further proof of this mindset based on the trailer.


Frequently Asked Questions

 Who Directed the Film a Jazzman’s Blues?

At TIFF 2022, director Tyler Perry and actors Joshua Boone, Solea Pfeiffer, Austin Scott, Ryan Eggold, and Amirah Vann addressed their film ‘A Jazzman’s Blues.’

What is the IMDb Rate of a Jazzman’s Blues

The IMDb rate of this movie is 9.0 out of 10.

What are A Jazzman’s Blues Filming Locations?

Filming took place in Savannah, Georgia, and at Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta. Aaron Zigman, who has previously scored numerous of Perry’s films, composed the film’s score.

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