Prom Pact Movie: Where Did the First Poster for the Movie Released?

The Prom Pact movie, the romantic comedy centered on the fun and tension surrounding high school prom season, is currently developing by Disney as a brand-new original for Disney+.

In Prom Pact, the story will be about the high school prom season. Peyton and Milo will play Mandy and Ben, two high school seniors, and Peyton will play Mandy. They want to do great things and don’t want to go to prom.

Mandy, for example, only thinks about Harvard until she is told that she can’t go there yet. So, she will try anything to get her name off the list of people waiting.

When Will the Movie “Prom Pact” Come Out?

The upcoming Disney+ original movie Prom Pact is a Romantic Comedy that takes place in the US. As per Trendingnewsbuzz, It would be arriving in the springtime of 2023. Anya Adams will be in charge of making the movie. Adams directed many episodes of Fresh Off the Boat on ABC and the first two episodes of Ginny & Georgia on Netflix before making Ginny & Georgia.prom pact movie

The script for the movie was written by Anthony Lombardo. Lombardo’s writing had been used in the ABC comedy show American Housewife. Julie Bowen, Rachel Field, Melvin Mar, and Jake Kasdan are all in charge of making the movie.

The Cast of Prom Pact

  • Mandy Yang is played by Peyton Elizabeth Lee.
  • Milo Manheim as Ben.
  • Margaret Cho acted as Ms. Chen.
  • Blake Draper as Graham Lansing.
  • Monique Green as LaToya.
  • Arica Himmel Zenobia.
  • Jason Sakaki Charles.
  • David S. Jung Tom Yang.
  • Wendi McLendon-Covey as Alyssa Yang.

Development of Prom Pact

In November 2021, it came out that Disney+ was making a movie called “The Waitlist.” Anya Adams was named as the director in January 2022. Anthony Lombardo will write the screenplay, with Melvin Mar and Julie Bowen producing. While the project was being made, Bowen talked about it.

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Bowen said in an interview, “The main character is a feminist, and she doesn’t believe in falling in love.” “It goes back to Shakespeare. She’s a little bit pushy and very type A, and because she’s so liberal, she doesn’t want to believe in love between men and women.

But then she falls, and they have that undeniable chemistry. ” Peyton Elizabeth Lee and Milo Manheim were cast in the lead roles in February 2022.

Margaret Cho, Blake Draper, Monique Green, Arica Himmel, Jason Sakaki, and David S. Jung were all cast as Ms. Chen in March 2022. Later that month, Mandy’s mother, Alyssa Yang, played by Wendi McLendon-Covey, joined the cast of the movie.

The ‘Prom Pact’ Poster Provides a Vibrant First Look

As part of the ongoing D23 Expo, Disney+ has published the poster for the upcoming comedy-romance flick Prom Pact. Anya Adams, who previously helmed episodes of Netflix’s smash Ginny & Georgia as well as multiple episodes of ABC’s Fresh Off the Boat, will direct the adolescent film, which is set during the high school prom season and will air on Disney+ in the spring of 2023.

Mandy Yang (Peyton Elizabeth Lee, Andi Mack), the protagonist of Prom Pact, has her sights set on attending Harvard; but, when she is placed on the waitlist, her future plans shift.

Taking matters into her own hands, she teaches popular varsity athlete Graham Lansing (Australian newcomer Blake Draper) in an attempt to persuade his senator father, a Harvard alumnus, to pull strings to get her admitted.

As she gets to know Graham and discovers there is more to the person she has always despised, Mandy realizes that being accepted into one of the most prominent institutions may not be the most important thing in life.

Mandy, described in the film’s official synopsis as a “feminist who doesn’t believe in falling in love,” finds herself falling hard, causing her academic aspirations to take a back seat to their “undeniable connection” and the passion in the air of high school prom season.

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Margaret Cho, an actress, and comedian nominated for an Emmy was just confirmed as one of the newest additions to the cast of Prom Pact. Mandy consults her character, the clever and acerbic Ms. Chen, about her seemingly impossible college ambitions.

What’s the Story About?

Senior Mandy Yang and her closest friend and fellow outsider Ben (Manheim) are surrounded by extravagant ’80s-themed Promposals during the height of prom season. However, Mandy maintains her emphasis on a different objective: her longstanding desire to attend Harvard.prom pact movie

When she discovers that she has been placed on the waitlist, she is determined to do whatever it takes to gain acceptance, even if it means asking the one person she despises the most for assistance: popular all-star athlete Graham Lansing, whose father is an influential senator and Harvard alumnus.

Once Mandy becomes Graham’s tutor, she begins to learn that he is more complex than she originally believed and that there may be more to life than Harvard.

The Prom Pact trailer!

Unfortunately, there is no trailer available for this excellent Disney+ romantic comedy. Therefore, let’s wait as long as possible for updates on the film.


We are all huge Disney fans, and we can’t get enough of the beautiful love stories that revolve around the several high school proms. Therefore, we are awaiting its arrival. The brand-new Disney film “Prom Pact” will be accessible on Disney+.

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That “Modern Family” alum Julie Bowen and her creative collaborator Rachael Field are producing it. She would add this humor to this film without a doubt.

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