Lie With Me Ending Explained! How Many Episodes Are There in the Series?

Lie With Me is a new drama miniseries that is currently airing on Channel 5 and will be available on Network 10 in Australia later this year! In this disturbing new drama, renowned EastEnders star Charlie Brooks plays a married lady who gambles on repairing her marriage by moving her family halfway around the world to Australia.

When a young and gorgeous live-in nanny starts working for the wealthy Fallmont family, tensions quickly rise! Lie With Me is described by Charlie as “a seductive thriller and a story of betrayal, with lots of twists and turns,” so it’s sure to keep everyone guessing when it premieres shortly! Everything you need to know about Lie With Me is right here!

 Release Date of Lie With Me

As per Whattowatch, Lie With Me premiered on Channel 5 on Monday, July 12th. The show will culminate on Thursday, July 15th, with episodes airing nightly. The series will also be available to watch on-demand as soon as it airs on My5. Lie With Me will premiere on Network 10 in Australia, albeit the exact date has yet to be determined.

How Many Episodes Are There in Total?

Four 60-minute episodes of Lie With Me are on the way!


  • Anna Fallmont is played by Charlie Brooks.
  • Jake Fallmont is played by Brett Tucker.
  • Becky Hart is played by Phoebe Roberts.
  • Cynthia Fallmont is played by Caroline Gillmer.
  • Grace Fallmont is played by Alba Nicholls.
  • Oliver Fallmont is played by Hunter Hurley and Ned Kennelly.
  • Liam Henderson is played by Alfie Gledhill.
  • Caroline Wilder is played by Isabella Giovinazzo.
  • Detective Taormina is played by Nadine Garner.
  • Officer Page is played by Frank Magree.
  • Detective Garrison is played by Stephen Lopez.
  • Ray Tucker is played by Neil Melville.
  • Pavan is played by John Marc Desengano.
  • Phil is played by Bert La Bonté.
  • Dr Katherine Lee is played by Irene Chen.
  • Renai Caruso in the role of Jo Murray

The Ending of Lie With Me is Explained

The fourth episode began with a flashback to Becky’s interview at the house, where she impressed Anna while pretending that she and Jake had never met previously. As Anna left the room, the lovers exchanged a knowing look, pleased that their plans were coming together. The show then returned to its original timeline.lie with me ending explained

Becky spoke with gardener Liam (Alfie Gledhill), and it was evident that she was beginning to doubt Anna’s account of events. Liam noticed proof of her rough sexual practices with Jake and advised her to leave if necessary, but Becky persisted – especially after being questioned.

Jake’s dedication prompted him to propose. Anna was now well aware of what they were up to and had even discovered the engagement ring in the car, but she maintained a deafening silence.

She dispatched Jake and Becky to the family beach house to discuss restoration plans while she spent the day with the children, only to ask kindly cab driver and confidant Ray (Neil Melville) to look after them instead.

Jake afterward administered the identical mixture to Becky’s drink, having already given her narcotics during sex. She was enraged and put an end to their passion. When he restrained her on the bed, she slapped him before he could attack her, escaping to make a panicked call to Liam, admitting the situation was “not okay.”

Meanwhile, Anna arrived home and double-checked with her daughter Grace (Alba Nicholls) that she understood not to mention impromptu babysitter Ray to anyone before calling her mother-in-law Cynthia (Caroline Gillmer) because Jake wasn’t returning her calls.

We finally found out who was in that mystery body bag. Jake had drowned, and the CCTV footage indicated that Becky was present. Becky was startled to learn about Anna while being questioned by police, and Anna, in turn, denied that Jake had ever injured her.

Liam felt bad for not speaking up sooner, and he admitted that the narcotics Jake was consuming were his. Jake had discovered his habit and agreed to disregard it if Liam shared his supply.

His testimony at Becky’s trial influenced the result, and she received a five-year prison sentence for Jake’s murder. The two women eventually came face to face in the visitors’ room. “Did Jake truly injure you?” Becky made a demand on Anna.

“Abuse can take many different forms, whether physical or psychological,” Anna explained. “Now we’re both free of that.” We discovered how Jake died in the final seconds. We saw Anna go to the beach home and sneak the same pills he’d been using into his drink in a flashback.

She held her cool until Jake was barely awake, then tipped him from his beach lounger and watched him fall into the pool. Anna then threw Becky’s bracelet at him, framing her as the perpetrator. In the present, Anna stood guard over her children as they played in the garden, her problems now behind her.

Is There an Official Trailer?

Before Lie With Me came out in July, Channel 5 showed a trailer for it. Jake and Anna are in Australia trying to forget about their troubled past.

When their new nanny, Becky, shows up, problems seem to pile up quickly! Anna starts to find signs that Jake is having another affair, which leads to fights, paranoia, and even a body bag.

Lie With Me Storyline

Lie With Me is a scary story about a married couple, Anna and Jake Fallmont, who have decided to move from London to Australia. After Jake’s affair shook up their happy marriage, they are leaving to start over together.

Even though things look good at first, it’s clear that there are still problems between them. When the couple hires Becky, a young local nanny played by Phoebe Roberts who doesn’t seem as innocent as she seems at first, bad things happen to them. In the end, someone will be killed.

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