Who is the Host and Performing Couples of Love in the Flesh?

Zara McDermott’s love in the flesh series follows five couples who have been dating online as they meet in person for the first time at a Greek beach home.

“These online daters will be whisked away from the stresses of daily life and screens to see if their online interactions can translate into love in the flesh,” he said. “Some couples will have been conversing for years through apps, stories, and DMs, while others will have only been flirting for months or weeks.”

Throughout the series, we’ll see the couples discover whether the person they’ve been speaking with online is the person in front of them and whether they believe their relationship will work in the real world.

The show also teases that if couples who met online decide to split, they will have the opportunity to build new relationships with other individuals in the villa, whilst couples who stay together will face challenges to explore other aspects of their relationship.

Who is the Host of Love in the Flesh?

Zara McDermott, the TV personality and presenter who rose to celebrity after competing in the 2018 edition of Love Island, hosts Love In The Flesh. She arrived in the villa on Day 15 of the competition and dated Adam Collard before being dumped on Day 25.love in the flesh

After appearing on Politics Live, Panorama, Celebs Go Dating, Lorraine, and This Morning, she went on to compete on The X Factor: Celebrity and join the cast of Made in Chelsea.

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Zara McDermott: Revenge Porn, a BBC Three program she presented last year, looks at her personal experience as a victim of revenge porn and how the subject has affected others.

Who Are the Couples in Love in the Flesh?

The couples in the show are given below. Stay in touch with our website for the latest content in the fields of gaming and the entertainment industry.

Niki and Christoslove in the flesh

Christos is a 19-year-old Worcester restaurant manager, and Niki is a 22-year-old Brighton caregiver. They met online three months ago and share Greek heritage and family values; Christos has even Facetimed Niki’s grandmother! Christos prefers older women, whilst Niki prefers older males – can their relationship work?

Shelby and Millielove in the flesh

Millie, a 23-year-old London influencer, met Shelby, a 24-year-old NHS worker from Leicester, 10 months ago, and they both hope they’ve found the one. Millie had previously attempted to meet up in person, but an accident with a horse necessitated five surgeries, putting an end to any future plans.

Kwame and Jesslove in the flesh

Jess, 24, is a carer from Hertfordshire. She’s been talking to Kwame, a 28-year-old entrepreneur from London, for five years, but she’s scared he’s a catfish since Kwame refused to appear on-screen anytime they Facetimed. Will she be surprised or dissatisfied when they eventually meet at the beach house?

Hannah and Brandonlove in the flesh

Brandon is a 23-year-old Sheffield student. He’s been communicating with Hannah, a 24-year-old legal assistant from Huddersfield, for six months, ever since they met on a dating app.

Despite the fact that their connection has been heated thus far, both of them appear worried before their first meeting. Will they bring the heat when they finally come together for the first time?

Chibz and Shazellelove in the flesh

Chibz, a 23-year-old personal trainer from London, met Shazelle, a 21-year-old receptionist from London, on Instagram two years ago. He fell in love with her right away.

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Their relationship has been hard because Shazelle hasn’t shown up to the two dates they’ve set up. Will a week at a beautiful beach house in Greece be enough to get them to meet for the first time?

The Trailer for Love in the Flesh

This month, BBC Three released a trailer for Love In The Flesh. The 30-second clip showed some of these couples meeting for the first time.

What is Love In The Flesh’s Story?

We’ve already said that the twist for the five couples on Love in the Flesh is that they’ve only talked online through DMs and apps and have never met in person. One couple has been talking to each other for as long as five years!

On Love in the Flesh, these couples will get away from the stress of everyday life and spend a week in a Greek beach house to test their relationships. There, they’ll decide if they want to bring their relationships back to the real world. Like all relationships, some will work out and others won’t.

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Even if the couples decide to break up, there will be chances to meet new people at the beach house. Throughout the series, the couples will learn from each other and learn more about their relationships as they take on challenges. During the series, the show will also look at broader dating issues, such as the pros and cons of meeting people online and in person.

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