Peter Ballard Stranger Things: How He Stole Powers of Eleven?

Stranger Things season four first featured Peter Ballard in the unassuming position of Eleven’s only ally at Hawkins Lab. Because he was an orderly, he had firsthand knowledge of Eleven’s treatment by her brothers, as well as glimpses of her vulnerability and loneliness.

Eleven was quieter and more modest in her skills than her siblings, but Ballard, played by Jamie Campbell Bower, sensed her potential and volunteered his assistance in helping her activate it to her benefit.

When he advised her that pulling from the emotions of terrible memories would empower her, Eleven put his advice to the test and achieved mind-blowing results, only to later see Papa punish him for his actions.

Her envious siblings grew even more nasty and vicious, isolating her in the Rainbow Room and punishing her for embarrassing Two, driving her to a point where there was no turning back.

Peter Ballard’s Use of Eleven

Eleven struggled to feel alone in the Hawkins Lab. She remembered her mother’s visit to the lab, despite Papa’s claim that she died while giving birth to her. She felt inferior to her siblings, who always seemed to be able to perform and execute their talents in ways that earned Papa’s approval.

As Ballard continued to observe her, he understood the power she was concealing and began to approach her. When the two started conversing about One, Ballard verified that One wasn’t a legend, but rather someone too powerful for Papa to govern.peter ballard stranger things

He drew his power from memories that made him sad and hurt him, prompting her to try it herself. Ballard reminded her of her mother and papa’s deceit, which she subsequently utilized to overcome Two while practicing with her siblings.

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Papa sensed her newfound ability and disciplined Ballard, which she observed while enjoying her extended time in the Rainbow Room. Ballard then began preparing an escape with Eleven, assuring her that Papa would not come to her help if her siblings were assaulted again.

He stated that Papa was inciting them to destroy her and that he wanted to assist her in fleeing to safety. Ballard’s actual motivations became clear after handing her his ID card and convinced her to remove the chip inhibiting his abilities.

Eleven confronted Ballard for lying to her after he used his power to slaughter practically everyone in the lab, including the other children.

He informed her he loathed humanity and intended to destroy it all, and he wanted Eleven to combine her strength with his to accomplish this goal. Eleven turned him down because she did not want to be a destroyer.

Who, Exactly, is Peter Ballard?

Nancy, confined in the Upside Down, discovers a horrific revelation about Vecna’s identity while roaming through his memories. At the same time, Eleven is regaining her repressed memories of what happened that day at Hawkins Lab with Peter Ballard.

Vecna portrays the story of Henry Creel, the unhappy son of convicted murderer Victor Creel. Henry struggled mentally with the repetitive nature of time and humanity’s tendency to merely pass through life mindlessly. He grew captivated by the predatory nature of black widow spiders after uncovering a nest of them in the family’s new home.

When Henry found his telekinetic ability, he began experimenting on small animals in the backyard and generating strange happenings in the family house. He discovered he could use his gift to delve into people’s memories and manipulate and haunt his victims.

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Victor blamed the events on a demon, but Henry’s mother, Virginia, recognized her son’s involvement and wished to send him away to get therapy. Knowing he needed to distract his father at dinner, Henry murdered his mother and then his younger sister Alice.

Victor returned to the scene with a comatose Henry, who had harmed himself by overusing his ability, and was subsequently informed that Henry had died.

Victor was imprisoned for the murder of his wife and daughter, and Henry was brought into the care of Dr. Martin Brenner. Brenner desired to study and eventually control Henry’s power. He became Brenner’s first patient, obtaining the 001 tattoos and a device called Soteria implanted in his neck to inhibit his strength.

Eleven’s Powers Are Stolen by One

Vecna can still look into people’s brains from the Upside Down, just like Henry could. Dark dimension tendrils that have made their way to the physical world connect directly to his body. They allowed him to see individuals for who they truly are and the pain they carry.

He may put people in a trance and render them helpless by assaulting those who have endured extreme trauma, particularly those who feel responsible for the death of another. When Vecna kills someone, they do not simply die. It’s even worse than that. They are still a part of him, just as they were when he was human.peter ballard stranger things

At the site of each person’s death, his murder spree established a little portal between realms. However, he only required four victims to properly separate the realities.

Max’s death, however brief, was enough for Vecna to tear four massive lines through Hawkins, exposing it to the Upside Down. The dark realm’s attack on Hawkins began with that falling “snow.”

The image Vecna showed Nancy foreshadowed what was to come. As the actual Hawkins is destroyed, an army of monsters will follow. It will leave a path of fallen warriors and loved ones in its wake.

These monsters will subsequently spread throughout the rest of the world. That is, unless Eleven can discover enough power to not only permanently close the portal between dimensions, but also vanquish Henry Creel.

How is Eleven Connected to Vecna in Stranger Things?

Eleven is responsible for restoring Henry Creel’s abilities and expelling him to the Upside Down, where he transforms into Vecna. While working as Peter Ballad at Hawkins Lab, Henry befriends Eleven because he believes she is also exceptional.

By paying special attention to her and consoling her when she is bullied by the other children, he earns her trust as a friend and protector. He convinces Eleven to use her skills to remove the chip from Dr. Brenner’s neck, which she accomplishes.

Peter/Henry carries out the 1979 rampage seen in flashbacks throughout the season, murdering the lab’s workers and subjects, with his full powers activated. Eleven opens the gateway to the Upside Down and ejects him from our realm after realizing what she has done.

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