Arthur, Peaky Blinders: Why He Shouldn’t Be Loved?

Paul Anderson, who was born in England on November 19, 1978, is an actor. As Arthur Shelby Jr. in Peaky Blinders, Anderson in The Revenant, and Sebastian Moran in Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, he rose to popularity.

Arthur Shelby is the oldest son of Arthur and Mrs. Shelby and the father of Billy Shelby. He is also the older brother of Thomas, John, Ada, and Finn Shelby. He was previously married to Linda Shelby and is a tough Peaky Blinders member.

His brother’s right-hand man is also Deputy Vice President of Shelby Company Limited and a member of the ICA. Arthur’s substance abuse problem worsens with time.

The Career of Paul Anderson

After several years as a ticket scalper and wannabe musician, Anderson decided to pursue acting in the mid-2000s and enrolled in the Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art.

His acting career began with roles in plays penned by his friend Gregory Burke, and he made his screen debut in Burke’s 2014 critically praised film ’71. His first starring role was in the 2009 British film The Firm.arthur peaky blinders

Anderson’s big break came in 2013 when he was cast as Arthur Shelby, a mobster in post-World War I Birmingham, on the BBC Two series Peaky Blinders. Since then, Anderson has appeared in other important motion pictures, including Ron Howard’s In the Heart of the Sea and The Revenant, as well as the 2016 film Brimstone.

Character Development of Arthur

Arthur Shelby Jr. was born into a household composed of Romani and Irish Travellers. As a child, Arthur frequently engaged in scuffles with his siblings and was recognised as the strongest. Tommy once defeated him, and he once repelled 12 police officers with a boat hook, demonstrating that he let Tommy win.

It is hinted that he had rage issues and engaged in several fights as a child. During the war in France, Arthur was a Sapper alongside his brother Thomas.

Together, they dug treacherous tunnels in order to place enormous amounts of explosives beneath the enemy positions, a tactic that was employed multiple times with devastating results during the Battle of Verdun and the Battle of the Somme. There is speculation that he served at Gallipoli because of his dislike of Turks and the stench of stagnant water.

Personality of Arthur

Arthur is a very complex character, as he is extremely devoted to his family and deeply repentant for his sins. Also, he is quite quick to anger. However, he is capable of extremely nasty and brutal crimes, such as when he had Billy Grade murder an innocent referee in order to prevent him from exposing their wrongdoing.

Nonsense Things About Arthur

Here are some of the myths that are not true about the character.

Suicide Attempt

Throughout the first season, Arthur was shown to be in pain, and fans could see that it was building up to something bad. No one thought Arthur would try to kill himself just because his father didn’t care enough about him.

Also, it didn’t look like a real attempt to kill himself. Instead, it seemed more like a plea to himself to enjoy his life more. Tommy and John, his two brothers, always remind him that he couldn’t even kill himself, which makes a bad situation even worse.

Relaxed and in Control

Arthur’s life changed for the better when Linda Shelby came into it, but it seemed like he’d lose it all again soon. At one point, Arthur acted like he could live without alcohol or drugs, but he never really did.

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He would still drink whiskey and sniff cocaine when Linda wasn’t around. He knew deep down that he needed the chaos around him because it reminded him of the war he’d been through. He was just an actor who was trying to be someone he wasn’t, but it wasn’t going well for him.

The Way He is Shouldn’t Be Loved

Arthur Shelby is probably the most popular character in the series, but that’s more because of the crazy things he does than because of who he is. Arthur has already killed people without getting caught. He has done a lot of bad things, so he shouldn’t get as much love as he does. However, fans tend to forgive and forget the bad things bad characters do.

In Peaky Blinders, What Happens to Arthur?

Even though Arthur survived death in Season 5, he still struggled with his emotional troubles. He continued to suffer from his mental health concerns in season 6. This led to a life of substance abuse for him.

Things changed for him when he met Hayden Stagg, a man who met Arthur at his most vulnerable point in life. Hayden revealed that he, too, had been where Arthur was. That’s when he ordered Arthur to “move as if it’s a flat plane rather than mountains.”

Those remarks were extremely beneficial to Arthur, despite the fact that his character never changed. Despite this, he was able to gain greater control of his substance misuse and mental health difficulties.

He also matured to the point that he was the one who exacted retribution on the IRA for Aunt Pol’s death, as this was a cathartic moment for him because he was one of the characters who relied heavily on his aunt’s leadership.arthur peaky blinders

In addition, Arthur realized Tommy had tuberculosis because he was outraged to learn that his brother was unwell and could die. He wasn’t even present when Tommy said his ultimate goodbyes to his family in the season finale. He did, however, inform Tommy, via Linda, that he would be joining him shortly, wherever he could be headed.

Arthur was never the most cryptic person, but some believe that Arthur believes his brother is on his way to death. That suggests Arthur may be thinking about suicide because he wants to join Tommy in death.

Some believe that Arthur is aware that he is on the path to self-destruction because of the way he has been spending his life since the events of season 1. In that regard, he may believe that he would die soon and will most likely join Tommy, whom he assumed would die.

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Arthur didn’t want to live in a world without Tommy in that way. But, since we all know that the diagnosis was a hoax and that Tommy will live, Arthur may soon find out about this. That’s because, while Season 6 may mark the conclusion of the Peaky Blinders series, a film is currently in production and will be released soon to complete the story.

That means Arthur will still appear in the Peaky Blinders film. We don’t know if he will survive the events in Peaky Blinders’ last chapter, as there is a potential he won’t live through the full film, depending on how he lives his life.


Arthur is known to see women, sometimes two at a time, sometimes four, but always in multiples of two. As witnessed in the first series, when he goes to the movies with two girls and receives s*xual favors from each. It’s unclear whether these women are prostitutes. While running The Eden Club, he also sleeps with the girls that work there.

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