Britbox Shetland Season 6 Release Date: Reason for Jimmy’s Arrest Disclosed!

Season 6 of Shetland has already aired in the UK, but US readers still have to wait for more episodes. Douglas Henshall, who plays the main character DI Jimmy Perez, is excited to be back for a new season of the very popular crime drama.

“After all we’ve been through over the last couple of years, it’s wonderful to be back filming on Shetland again,” he says. “Davy Kane, who writes the series with Paul Logue, has once again come up with great plots for Perez and his team to follow in these two new series. It’s been great to be back in the Shetland Isles. It is unlike any other place.”

When Will Season 6 of Shetland Come Out?

The sixth season of Shetland started on Wednesday, October 20 at 9 pm on BBC1. All of the episodes of the sixth season have already aired and can be watched on BBC iPlayer in the UK. The sixth season of Shetland started on November 9 on BritBox in the US. New episodes come out every Tuesday.

Cast for Season 6 of Shetland’s

Douglas Henshall, who played Perez, is back, as are Alison O’Donnell, who played DS Alison “Tosh” McIntosh, and Steven Roberston, who played DC Sandy Wilson.britbox shetland season 6

Plus, Erin Armstrong, who plays Cassie, Mark Bonnar, who plays Duncan, Anne Kidd, who plays Cora, and Lewis Howden, who plays Sgt. Billy McCabe, all return. Donna Killick, the killer played by Fiona Bell in “The Nest” and “Dead Still,” is back.

Anneika Rose (Line of Duty, Deadwater Fell) will be a series regular as Procurator Fiscal, Maggie Kean, and Angus Miller (Guilt, Doctors) will play Tosh’s love interest, Donnie.

Stephen McCole (Vigil, The Outlaw King), Jim Sturgeon (Vigil, Small Axe), Alec Newman (Showtrial, The Last Kingdom), Cora Bissett (Rebus, God Help the Girl), Lois Chimimba (Vigil, Trust Me), Conor McCarry (Outlander, Rillington Place), Lewis Gribben (Silent Witness, Deadwater Fell), Andy Clark (Annika, River City), Benny Young (Annika, The Loch).

In the Sixth Season of Shetland, Why Did Jimmy Get Arrested?

At the end of the last season, Jimmy was taken off the force. Both the detective and Duncan (Mark Bonnar) were suspected of killing Duncan’s son’s mother, Donna Killick, who had been seen in season 4.

When Donna got out of prison and went back to the islands, it turned out that she had cancer and was dying. After Jimmy reopened the cold case about the death of teen Lizzie Kilmuir, which another woman had already served time for, it was found out that Donna had killed Lizzie.

Jimmy was very worried about how she affected Duncan, which led to Bonnar’s character helping Donna commit suicide. He turned himself in and was then arrested. Jimmy, who was present when Duncan confessed, was subsequently jailed for his role in Donna’s death, placing our protagonist in his most vulnerable position yet.

In the seventh season trailer, the detective is back at work and not in jail. It remains to be seen how this will be settled, as well as what will happen to Duncan. In season six, Jimmy was also responsible for caring for his demented elderly father, James. This, coupled with the passing of his mother Mary, rendered him noticeably disturbed and exhausted.

Could the strain on him and the events surrounding Donna’s death be the reason for his impending departure? Jimmy was also investigating the killing of prominent attorney Alex Galbraith, who was shot while on the phone with his teenage daughter at his house.

Galbraith had also facilitated Donna’s compassionate early release, prompting Jimmy’s initial suspicion that Donna was complicit. Multiple suspects in the murder were capable of carrying out the deed, but the evidence ultimately led the authorities to Alex’s politician wife Eve.

He intended to reveal his involvement in the death of a teenager 20 years ago, but Eve realized it would destroy both of their lives and careers, so she took efforts to keep him silent.

The episode concluded with Tosh discovering she was pregnant. Throughout the season, she questioned if she was ready to be a mother, and upon seeing the positive pregnancy test, she initially appeared terribly distressed. Her look changed to a smile, indicating that she is eager for the journey ahead.

With Jimmy’s absence from Season 8, might Tosh fill his shoes? With a baby in the picture, Tosh will have more on her plate than ever before, but if anybody can handle it, it’s her.

Despite the ambiguity surrounding the drama, one thing is certain: the inhabitants of Shetland and its committed police force are in for another interesting season.

Exists a Trailer?

Yes, a trailer is now present!

Shetland’s Douglas Henshall Describes His Team’s Exit as “a Little Anticlimactic” After Season 7

The actor discussed shooting his final scenes for the Scottish murder drama. The seventh season of Shetland will soon be available on BBC One. Sadly, it will be Douglas Henshall’s final performance.

Henshall has played DI Jimmy Perez on the Scottish-based crime drama for nearly a decade, but he revealed in July that he will be leaving the program. Henshall remarked that his departure was “a touch anticlimactic” He said: “My final sequences were filmed at a strange Kilmacolm parking lot.britbox shetland season 6

We attempted to wrap three times, but COVID prevented us from doing so. Consequently, it felt quite anticlimactic in the end.” The actor disclosed that he was able to express gratitude to those in attendance, but that it is impossible to sum up ten years of effort in a few words.

He stated, “Shetland has meant a great deal to me, and it will take some time for the fact that I’ve left the program to settle in.”

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