Sanditon Season 2 Review: Release Date | Cast | Trailer and Everything You Need to Know!

The second season of Sanditon is now on ITV, and our heroine, Charlotte Heywood, and this time also her sister have more romantic adventures. At one point, it seemed like the costume drama wouldn’t be back, but then it was announced that it would be back. And once again, the show is a lot of fun.

Some people said that the first series “sexed up” Jane Austen’s unfinished novel, but some of the cast defended the saucy parts, and viewers loved it! The second season was made by MASTERPIECE in the United States and BritBox in the United Kingdom. It has already been broadcast on these services, so it is now going to ITV.

Here’s everything you need to know about the new series, like who’s back and who isn’t, and we’ve also included recaps of each episode. We can’t help but think of Bridget Jones when we watch the new show. See for yourself what we mean!

When will Season 2 of Sanditon be on ITV?

As per Radiotimes, The second season of Sanditon began on ITV on Friday, July 22 at 9 p.m. You can already get it on BritBox. The second season of Sanditon came out in the US on March 20, 2022. Sanditon season 2

The second season of Sanditon came out on BritBox in the UK on March 21. Look at our complete list of BritBox shows. BritBox now has all of the episodes of the show.

What’s the Story of Season 2 of Sanditon?

Well, there’s a lot of love around! “Fans who want romance and a break will find a lot of it in the new season of Sanditon, with its interesting characters and captivating storylines,” said MASTERPIECE Executive Producer Susanne Simpson before the show aired.

Once again, the story is about Charlotte Heywood, who will soon be courted by two men. Georgina, on the other hand, “wants to make her own identity and gets into trouble in the name of love… but will she end up being even more lonely than before?” Also, the army’s coming makes it possible for more people to fall in love.

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Charlotte becomes Augusta Wilson’s (Eloise Webb), Alexander Colbourne’s niece and ward, and causes Charlotte a lot of trouble as her governess. Also, the producers said, “Tom Parker (Kris Marshall) tries to rebuild Sanditon, but he faces many problems he didn’t expect. Meanwhile, the dysfunctional Denham family’s secrets and lies continue to shake the sunny seaside town to its core.”

Review of Sanditon Season 2

In terms of Sanditon season 2, I have mixed feelings. I waited until the end of the season to write my full review so that I could openly analyze what transpired and offer my thoughts on the season as a whole. But first, let’s look at the new season’s story and new characters.

Is There a Trailer Available?

A trailer has been released, and it looks every bit as lavish as the first season. “I adore Sanditon and its inhabitants,” Charlotte states in the short film. “Love is not as simple as you seem to think…” she concludes. Charlotte’s situation is far from straightforward.

Who is Returning and Who is New in the Sanditon Season 2’s Cast?

Sanditon season 2 stars the following actors.

  • Charlotte Heywood is played by Rose Williams.
  • Mary Parker is played by Kate Ashfield.
  • Georgiana Lambe is played by Crystal Clarke.
  • Arthur Parker is played by Turlough Convery.
  • Sir Edward Denham is played by Jack Fox.
  • Tom Parker is played by Kris Marshall.
  • Lady Denham is played by Anne Reid.
  • Clara Brereton is played by Lily Sacofsky.
  • Esther, Lady Babington (née Denham) is played by Charlotte Spencer.
  • Captain William Carter is played by Maxim Ays.
  • Captain Declan Fraser is played by Frank Blake.
  • Alison Heywood is played by Rosie Graham.
  • Alexander Colbourne is played by Ben Lloyd-Hughes.
  • Charles Lockhart is played by Alexander Vlahos.
  • Colonel Francis Lennox is played by Tom Weston-Jones.

Rose Williams (Charlotte Heywood) is back, which is great because she is the main character. She wrote on Twitter: “I couldn’t be happier. The ongoing support for our show has been tremendously appreciated and….effective! I can’t wait to put myself back in Charlotte’s shoes.”

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Kris Marshall will reprise his role as Tom Parker, and Crystal Clarke will reprise her role as Georgiana Lambe. Turlough Convery (Arthur Parker), Lily Sacofsky (Clara Brereton), and Anne Reid also return (Lady Denham). We’re still waiting for word on Leo Suter and a few more season one stars.

Unfortunately, the show’s previous lead actor, Theo James (Sidney Parker), has announced that he will not be returning for future seasons. Instead, the new series will have a slew of fresh characters to keep viewers entertained.

Colonel Francis Lennox (Tom Weston-Jones) and his subordinates Captain Declan Fraser (Frank Blake) and Captain William Carter are among the newcomers (Maxim Ays). The latter two are interested in Charlotte’s younger sister, Allison (Rose Graham), who arrives in Sanditon to chase her own romantic fantasy. Sanditon season 2

Meanwhile, Charlotte meets a new prospective love interest when she accepts the challenge of being governess to Augusta Markham (Eloise Webb) and Leo Colbourne (Flora Mitchell), as well as their guardian Alexander Colbourne (Ben Lloyd-Hughes).

Charles Lockhart (Alexander Vlahos) is another newcomer who is captivated by Georgiana Lambe (Crystal Clarke).

How Many Sanditon Seasons Will Be There?

Seasons 2 and 3 have already been announced! It remains to be seen whether this is a series that will continue indefinitely, or whether season 3 will bring the drama to a close.

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