Top Boy Season 4 Ending Explained: Who Killed Ats?

In 2022, the fourth season of Top Boy was made available on Netflix. The delay in filming was caused by COVID-19. Season 4’s release date of March 18th, 2022, was announced on January 30, 2022.

The goal of Dushane is to take his empire out of the streets. However, having more money only causes more issues due to large investments, foreign partners, and family problems.

Season 4 begins in April 2020, nine years after the events of seasons one and two and seven years and six months after those of series three.

Read on for everything you need to know about the ending of Top Boy season 4.

In Top Boy Season 4, Why Did Sully Kill Jamie?

Sully has never trusted Jamie (Michael Ward), which is understandable given that Sully’s life was repeatedly threatened by Jamie last season as their respective gangs fought over Summerhouse.

Top Boys Season 4

In the most recent season, Jamie developed a tense working relationship with Dushane Hill (Ashley Walters), a former rival and Sully’s occasional ally, after Dushane falsely accused Jamie of possessing weapons and then worked to have him freed in exchange for Jamie doing his bidding.

Even though he didn’t fully trust Jamie, Dushane appeared to respect him. Dushane ordered Jamie to kill his friend and second-in-command Kit (Kadeem Ramsay) as a final test of loyalty after learning the truth about what happened to Ats (Kieyon Cook) – more on that below – an act Jamie reluctantly carried out.

Sully, who continued to dislike Jamie, did not accept this as sufficient evidence, which resulted in a confrontation between Dushane and Sully and foreshadowed the latter’s later behaviour.

Standing on the balcony of Dushane’s apartment, Sully is horrified to hear his ex-partner refer to Jamie as their “retirement plan” because Dushane now sees Jamie as not only an ally but also his successor as the top boy of the Summerhouse estate and beyond.

Dushane remarks, “It’s like you want to be out here, on the roads, in your old age – I don’t,” prompting Sully to suggest that it might be best for them to part ways.

Sully says, “You got your way, I got mine.” And they are not lining up. Sully took drastic action and shot Jamie dead in an effort to stop him and/or Dushane from being usurped by the rival.

Sully’s actions were anticipated by a tense exchange between the two when they were together in Spain in episode 6 of the new season, so even though it still shocks us to see Top Boy kill off Jamie.

After Dushane saved Sully from a rival gang that had been holding him, hostage, Sully is there to address a drug supply problem at Dushane’s request. Despite the fact that he owes Dushane a favour, Sully is obviously finding it difficult to work with Jamie.

He refers to the earlier attempts on his life, saying, “You think I’ve forgotten?” to his adversary. Jamie responds, “Dushane assured me everything that happened in the past is done.

Sully adds, “Dushane doesn’t speak for me. “So if you misjudge my appearance, you’re out. Jamie, I will f**king bury you out here, I swear to God.”

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Sully was always going to be irritable toward Jamie, and Dushane appointing him as his successor was the tipping point. (In Sully’s defence, he wasn’t entirely incorrect about Jamie, who had once more planned to unseat Dushane earlier in the season.)

In Season 4 of Top Boy, Who Murdered Ats?

Ats (Keiyon Cook), a former friend of Stefan who betrayed him by joining Dushane’s crew and aiding in Jamie’s framing by hiding a bag of guns in his apartment, died at the start of the new season of Top Boy.

Top Boys Season 4

Ats was killed off-screen between seasons; his body was discovered in a skip, and the recent batch of episodes explored the unsolved question of who was responsible for his demise.

In episode 6, it was revealed that Dexter (Micah Loudon), who worked for Kit, killed Ats. Furious with Ats for betraying Jamie and his brothers, Kit wanted to teach the teen a lesson and so ordered Dexter to “scare” him.

However, in the ensuing struggle, Ats attempted to grab Dexter’s knife and ultimately died from the stab wound.

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When Dushane’s crew learn of Dexter’s involvement, Kit murders Dexter in an attempt to cover up his own part in Ats’ death, but Dushane grows suspicious and later has the truth confirmed to him by Jamie after Kit confesses all to his friend.

Dushane wants revenge for the killing of Ats and orders Jamie to execute Kit to prove his loyalty, which Jamie does – only to himself be killed by Sully just hours later.

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