Wrong Place Movie Review: Release Date, Cast, Production and Everything You Need to Know!

Wrong Place is a 2022 American action film directed by Mike Burns and produced by Randall Emmett and George Furla from a scenario by Bill Lawrence. It stars Bruce Willis and Ashley Greene. Vertical Entertainment published Wrong Place on July 15, 2022.

Production of Wrong Place

Bruce Willis signed on to star in the action picture Wrong Place in 2021, with filming set to begin later that year. The film’s director, Mike Burns, who previously directed another Bruce Willis picture, Out of Death, stated in March 2022, “Before filming on Wrong Place began in 2021, I asked one of Willis’s acquaintances how he was doing and was informed he was doing considerably better than last year.

Wrong Place is one of the final films to feature Willis, who resigned from acting due to aphasia. I took the associates’ word for it, but Willis was even worse. ‘I’m done,’ I said when I completed filming. I’m not going to create another film with Bruce Willis.’ I’m relieved he’s gone on vacation.”

Release Date of Wrong Place

Vertical Entertainment published Wrong Place on July 15, 2022, as stated by what to watch.


  • Ashley Greene in the role of Chloe Richards
  • Bruce Willis plays Frank Richards.
  • Jake Brown is played by Michael Sirow.
  • Texas Fight as Captain East
  • Tammy is played by Stacey Danger.
  • Virgil Brown is played by Massi Furlan.

What’s the Story of Wrong Place?

In Wrong Place, ex-police officer turned security guard Frank Richards becomes the sole witness to a murder. This places a target on Frank and his family’s back.wrong place movie

“Frank (Bruce Willis), a former police chief of a small town, finds himself being hunted down by a meth kingpin seeking to silence him before he can deliver eyewitness testimony against his family, but ultimately finds himself up against more than he bargained for when he threatens to harm Frank’s daughter (Ashley Greene),” according to Vertical Entertainment’s plot summary.

Is There a Trailer for Wrong Place?

Yes, and it’s action-packed from the get-go, beginning with Frank’s accidental discovery of an execution. From there, the situation rapidly deteriorates as Jake kidnaps Frank’s family. The trailer is given in the article.

Wrong Place Was Directed by Who?

Wrong Place was directed by Mike Burns, a music supervisor-turned-director who made his directorial debut in 2021 with Out of Death (also starring Bruce Willis).

Review for the Wrong Place

I must confess that I am watching with a heavy heart. Wrong Place is a mind-boggling film with an insane narrative, a lousy script, and amateurish direction. The low-rent actioner fills its duration with melodramatic padding and nasty racial comedy. Wrong Place is yet another trash B-movie from Bruce Willis in recent years.

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He retired after his family openly admitted he had aphasia. Given his mental condition, Willis’ bad choices and terrible acting make sense. With frank conversation and swift editing, Wrong Place limits his role. He is essentially a prop headliner. It’s difficult to watch a Hollywood star deteriorate on screen.

Frank Richards (Willis) and Maggie (Lauren McCord) sit for a solemn meal. Their cherished daughter, Chloe (Ashley Greene), has discovered a tumor. Frank works as a security guard at Pee-Pawn Wee’s Shop a year later.

The former police chief has survived a string of calamities. His first week on the job goes wrong. Virgil (Massi Furlan), a meth dealer, is settling a score with a thieving employee behind the store when Frank interrupts him.

Jake (Michael Sirow), Virgil’s neurotic meth cook son, kidnaps them. Chloe resolves to surprise her father by paying a visit to his Alabama cabin early in the morning. Tammy (Stacey Danger), her best friend, joins her to cheer her up after cancer treatments.

He sought a way to silence Frank, but now he has his daughter as bait. As Frank and the new police chief, Captain East (Texas Battle), attempt to rescue the women, it’s a backwoods disaster.

Problems in the Wrong Place Movie

Let’s start with the strange tone shift. Wrong Place is riddled with glaring problems. The film begins on a depressing note before launching into the action sequences. It becomes brutal and bloody before unexpectedly becoming amusing.

Captain East, a black character, begins making racially charged jokes despite his desperate situation. This makes absolutely no sense. People are getting hurt as he riffs on one-liners like a comedian. I’m not sure why this was done. Any serious objectives are undermined by crude comedy.

Wrong Place is Bruce Willis’s second collaboration with filmmaker Mike Burns. Out of Death, their first flop serves as a foreshadowing of this calamity. The Los Angeles Times ran an exposé on filmmakers dealing with Willis’ aphasia.

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Before filming Wrong Place, Burns was aware of his lead actor’s performance issues. They discovered an “Out of Death” email in which Burns drastically cut Willis’ lines. According to the Los Angeles Times, Burns requested “no monologues.” It’s clear from Willis’ sparse words and reactionary demeanor.

Willis rarely engages in back-and-forth dialogue. Every time Burns talks, he cuts away. The physical motion is then pieced together by Burns using obvious body duplicates. The ultimate effect is a pitiful attempt to downplay and conceal Willis.

Greene does her best in a difficult position. She tries on various moods and grit—her cancer tale and best friend banter act as a cheesy crutch to fill in the blanks. There’s also a fantastic miscalculation of timing here.

Wrong Place will be my final new Bruce Willis film to be reviewed. He was a charming and fearsome action hero. I hope the huckster filmmakers weren’t taking advantage of him at his most vulnerable.

BondIt Media Capital, Buffalo 8 Productions, EFO Films, Five Star Films, and Verdi Productions produce Wrong Place. Wrong Place is presently available in theatres and on-demand from Vertical Entertainment.

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