Away Season 2: Is This Series Got Cancellation From Netflix?

“Away” is a science fiction drama and one of the most costly Netflix programmes ever. According to reports, each episode of the show costs $6 million, but it is well worth the money.

In “Away,” Emma (Swank) leads a team of scientists and astronauts on a mission to Mars.

And while the show’s mind-blowing fireballs in space undoubtedly left the audience in amazement, it’s the message about hope, humanity, and working together to accomplish the seemingly impossible that stays in the viewers’ thoughts and hearts.

Let’s find out what the series will be doing after its incredibly successful first season.

Is “Away” Season 2 Getting a Renewal?

Regrettably, Netflix has decided not to renew “Away” for a second season, Variety reported on October 19, 2020.

On September 4, 2020, the programme debuted on the site. Since then, it’s ranking among the top 10 streamers has surged.

Away Season 2 release date

The performance of the show in the top 10 is encouraging, in our opinion. We assumed that the show’s popularity would satisfy Netflix sufficiently to obtain a renewal because we are aware of how the streaming behemoth values viewership numbers.

Sadly, this didn’t take place. Decider offered three suggestions as to why the show was cancelled, but Netflix offered none. First, it might have been too pricey. Second, prolonged production delays brought on by the Covid 19 epidemic may increase the series’ already high costs.

Finally, Netflix does not entirely own the series. Even though “Away” was advertised as a “Netflix Original,” NBC Universal actually produced it and licenced the rights to Netflix. This implies that NBC Universal will regain control of the series in the future, which may have put the streamer off.

When Will Netflix Release “Away” Season 2?

Season 2 of the programme has already been cancelled, thus it won’t be available on Netflix in the future (unless the streaming giant changes its mind).

Away Season 2: Cast

We won’t be seeing our major cast members again because the series has already been cancelled.

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Among the main cast members are Talitha Bateman as Alexis “Lex” Logan, Josh Charles as Matt Logan, Vivian Wu as Lu Wang, Mark Ivanir as Misha, Ato Essandoh as Kwesi, Ray Panthaki as Group Captain Ram Arya, and Hilary Swank as Emma Green.

What Might Happen in “Away” Season 2?

Writer and executive producer Jessica Goldberg had already created a strategy for the show’s future before learning the formal news of its cancellation. To clear up any confusion, however, this does not entail green men on Mars.

Goldberg told Inverse, “When I say life, I mean like a microorganism. “Alien is not what I mean. That direction would never be taken by the show.

Away Season 2 release date

Season one showed how the best astronauts and scientists may be sent to Mars thanks to the cooperation of five major space agencies.

Private space exploration wasn’t given much attention, but Goldberg has hinted that this will probably alter in the upcoming season.

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Goldberg said, “Right now, we can’t get far without that private-sector money, and I think it would be amazing to bring that storyline in. I do feel that’s a subject that’s incredibly essential.”

The show’s writers have extensively discussed the concept, she continued. However, there are also little things that demand attention. There’s no disputing that the central theme of “Away” revolves around interpersonal relationships, despite the show’s ability to captivate viewers with stories about space exploration.

Away Season 2: Trailer

As we know there is no official announcement on Away Season 2. So there is no trailer yet. You can watch the trailer for Away season 1 below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will There Be a Season 2 of Away?

Away on Netflix Won’t Be Departing on Another Journey. The Series Featuring Hilary Swank Was Reportedly Cancelled After Just One Season on October 20. Given That Both Fans and Critics Gave the Show High Marks, It’s Unclear Why Netflix Made the Decision to Discontinue It.

Why Was Season 2 of Away Cancelled?

Decider Offered Three Suggestions as to Why the Show Was Cancelled, but Netflix Offered None. First, It Might Have Been Too Pricey. Second, Prolonged Production Delays Brought on by the Covid 19 Epidemic May Increase the Series’ Already High Costs. Finally, Netflix Does Not Entirely Own the Series.

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