“Who Killed Sara?” Season 3: How Does Who Killed Sara Season 3 End?

In the Netflix thriller series Who Killed Sara, who carried out the murder of Sara? That query is resolved in Who Killed Sara season 3. The third and final season of the program just arrived on Netflix earlier today, so the following post will contain a tonne of spoilers for how it ends.

Who Killed Sara: Ending

Every season seemed to provide a new context about Sara’s tragic passing. It’s hardly surprising that more shocking turns were added to the mix during the third and final season, given the extraordinary turns this program has taken from start to finish.

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But first, let’s address the question that the show’s title and everyone watching it has been pondering since its inception.

Who Killed Sara in Who Killed Sara?

Sara did kill herself, but the explanation for why remains murky. We were led to assume that Marifer killed Sara by severing the parachute’s straps in season 2. The third season of Who Killed Sara reveals that Sara did not pass away in the paragliding accident as previously reported.

Who Killed Sara Season 3

We learned that Sara survived the accident and was transferred to the “Medusa Center” by Reinaldo, even though she was supposed to have died in the hospital from her wounds.

Reinaldo forced gay people to undergo conversion therapy as part of his attempts to treat schizophrenia, using her and numerous others as test subjects.

Reinaldo participated in planning the Marifer-related cover story. He also tormented poor Chema in this Sara was the ideal test subject for Reinaldo’s research because she had displayed some symptoms of schizophrenia.

In addition, Reinaldo was interested in seeing if he could stop Sara from transferring the gene to her pregnant daughter. In the end, Marifer also passed away at the Medusa Center.

Who Killed Sara Season 3 Trailer

What Happened to Alex in the Who Killed Sara Season 3?

Despite shooting several people at the Medusa Center, Alex gets to move on with his life with Elisa and Lucia (Sara’s the nearly identical daughter who she had with Cesar).

Who Killed Sara Season 3

As Alex kills Reinaldo using harsh electroshock therapy, just as Reinaldo had done to so many of his unwitting patients, he finally exacts revenge on the killer of Sara.

But not just evil guys pass away. Unfortunately, Rodolfo is shot by a security officer and dies, while Chema escapes alive after being harassed by Reinaldo.

Why is Cesar Held Responsible for Everything In Season 3 of Who Killed Sara?

After season 3, Cesar accepts responsibility for Abel’s passing (a homicide Chema was previously charged with).

Cesar is attempting to atone for all the terrible things he’s done throughout his life by allowing himself to be sentenced to prison, including allowing Alex to go to jail for such a lengthy period and starting the series’ events back in season 1.

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We learn that Cesar actually has pancreatic cancer and would die soon anyhow. Alex is approved to continue living happily with his daughter (Elisa).

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can We Watch Who Killed Sara?

Who Killed Sara is available to stream on Netflix in all three seasons.

Is Sara Dies in Who Killed Sara Season 3?

The truth of Sara’s death is revealed in the third and final season of Who Killed Sara? Instead, her devious new antagonist Dr. Reinaldo (Jean Reno), who took her to a top-secret laboratory to subject her to horrible psychological experiments, staged her demise.

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