Chicago Party Aunt Season 2 Release Date: Is This Series Cancelled or Renewed?

“Chicago Party Aunt,” a story about the exploits of a hard-partying Chicago lady who also happens to be an aunt, has joined Netflix’s outstanding lineup of adult animated series.

The series began on September 17, inspired by the Twitter account @ChiPartyAunt, which also doubles as the show’s official Twitter account. Fans of this love letter to Chicago have no doubt already seen — and, quite probably, re-watched — the batch of eight episodes.

“Chicago Party Aunt” establishes that Diane Dunbrowski’s escapades have been going on for a long time, perhaps a decade or two longer than they should have. However, that turns out to be the point of the show, as Diane’s personal and professional lives are in disarray due to years of revelry.

It’s fascinating to witness how her life unfolds as she clings to what she considers to be former glories… and another season is undoubted to see more. Let’s take a look at what we know so far about season 2 of “Chicago Party Aunt.”

How Many Seasons Does Chicago Party Aunt Have?

This comedy TV show had only one season and is now accessible to stream on Netflix. There are eight episodes, ranging in length from 22 to 25 minutes.

Will There Be a Season 2 of Chicago Party Aunt?

Netflix had not announced a season 2 renewal at the time of publication. But there is some positive news for the series. Netflix ordered 16 episodes when it ordered the series.chicago party aunt season 2

On September 17, just eight episodes of Chicago Party Aunt were uploaded on the streaming platform. This means that a further eight episodes will be available on the streaming service shortly. Hopefully, additional information about a possible season 2 of this comedic series will be released. We’ll keep you updated as soon as it happens.

When Will Chicago Party Aunt Season 2 Be Released?

The good news is that more episodes of “Chicago Party Aunt” are on their way to Netflix. According to Variety, the streaming site has placed an order for 16 episodes, implying that production on the second half of the order is already underway. The show’s first season comprises eight episodes.

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As a result, “Chicago Party Aunt” season 2 appears all but likely… though, of course, nothing is fixed in stone until Netflix officially announces it. It’s unclear when the show’s sophomore season will premiere, but since season 1 began on September 17, 2021, it’ll most likely be a while.

The hit adult cartoon series “Big Mouth” is produced by the same animation studio as “Chicago Party Aunt.” Except for its season 3 “My Furry Valentine” special, the bawdy coming-of-age comedy has maintained a consistent annual release schedule, give or take a few months.

Diane Dombrowski is unpredictable! As a result, season 2 of “Chicago Party Aunt” will likely air between September and December 2022. However, because production is already beginning, they could be released much sooner.

Is There Someone Called Chicago Party Aunt?

However, the renowned actress who portrays the party aunt was not born in Chicago. In actuality, she is a native Canadian. Nonetheless, Lauren Ash is familiar with the Windy City. When she worked in the city’s comedy scene, she became acquainted with many of the actors and creators of Chicago Party Aunt.

Who is in the Chicago Party Aunt Season 2 Cast?

Season 2 of “Chicago Party Aunt” has much opportunity to mix things up, given the show’s diverse cast of characters. Considering that Netflix has ordered 16 episodes and the first season only features eight, it is reasonable to infer that the remaining eight episodes will have the same core group.

Expect Lauren Ash of “Superstore” fame to reprise her role as the titular Party Aunt, Diane Dunbrowski, in season 2. Daniel’s parents, Bonnie (Jill Talley) and Mark (Ike Barinholtz), Diane’s ex-husband, Kurt (Chris Witaske), and their son, Mikey, are also likely to return (Jon Barinholtz).

The Borough salon is an aspect of Diane’s life that viewers are eager to see again in season 2. The quirky Zuzana (Katie Rich) and the grounded Tina (Da’Vine Joy Randolph) are both outstanding characters with great potential for future adventures.

What is the Plot of Season 2 of Chicago Party Aunt?

The first season of “Chicago Party Aunt” introduces viewers to the key characters, their connections with one another, and Diane Dunbrowski’s conflicted nature as a middle-aged person who clings to the hard-rocking, hard-partying days of her fading youth.

Individual episode narratives are diverse, but the cost of Diane’s lifestyle is clear from the first episode, as is the reality that, despite her preoccupation with Chicago’s party scene and cultural landscape, she is capable and warm-hearted. By the end of the first season, the setting is set for what could be a genuine tale of personal growth or at least a half-hearted attempt at one.

There’s no telling where season 2 of “Chicago Party Aunt” will take Diane’s story. Still, if season 1 is any indication, the many supportive characters around her will continue to contribute to her positive growth through many strange, wild stories and plot twists… though she won’t give up Chicago references and partying antics. After all, they are in the show’s title.

Final Words

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