Somos Season 2 Netflix: Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Renewal Status

Somos is undoubtedly one of the most popular shows on the streaming service this summer, and it’s not surprising that many customers who truly enjoyed the first season are eagerly anxious for any information on the Somos season 2 release date.

The show is a well-crafted venture with a fascinating tale inspired by actual events that subscribers should not overlook and should set aside time to consume. Somos does an excellent job of presenting the narrative of individuals living in the Mexican border town of Allende who is overrun by a Cartel, resulting in tragedy.

This poignant story has been a massive hit with Netflix users, and it’s easy to see why so many fans are eager to discover more about Somos season 2. The excitement is palpable, and there is an intense desire for more episodes. While there isn’t much information available now, all fans need to know about the Somos season 2 release date, and more are provided below.

How Many Seasons Are There in Somos?

The Netflix streaming service has one season of the instantly riveting series Somos. Six great entries comprise the inaugural installment.

Is Somos Getting a Second Season?

Netflix has yet to announce any plans for Somos season 2, and there is currently no word on whether or not there will be additional episodes. Because the show hasn’t been formally canceled, there’s still a potential the plot will continue at some point.

Season 2 of Somos: Cast

There is no guarantee that the series will return for the second season of Somos. It also depends on how the creators intend to continue the series or if it will be an anthology series. Somos Season 2’s official cast list has yet to be released on Netflix. Details will be removed once they become available from the streaming giant.

Somos Season 2: Release Date

Neither Netflix nor the series’ creator has revealed details or renewal plans for the second season. Fans of the sitcom are eagerly awaiting the series’ renewal news. Everyone who has watched the series has high hopes for its return.somos season 2 netflix

If Netflix decides to renew Somos for a second season, the show would most likely return in the summer of 2020. As no details are offered to the viewers, these are the only reasonable conclusions that can be reached thus far.

‘Somos.’ What Happens at the End?

Hector Prieto was helping the Trevino brothers move drugs (Z-40 and Z-42). Through his network of roads, he moved drugs from Mexico to the United States. The drug cartel, which owned Piedras Negras State Prison, built particular parts for his trucks there.

Hector also ran the communication network and gave the cartels new Blackberry phones so their calls couldn’t be tracked. Hector’s brother was caught at a checkpoint in Dallas with an $832,000 vacuum packed in his truck’s gas tank.

Agent Carlos of the DEA concluded that they needed to get Blackberry Pin, which the cartel used to track the drug operations. The DEA took him into custody so they could find out more about him. This made the network look bad.

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Through the data they had intercepted, they could find Oscar Vasquez, also known as “El Diablo,” a low-level operator with a weak link in their operation. Oscar was upset, so he went across the border to Allende. He got Hector to give away the new BB Pins so that his brother wouldn’t have to go to jail. Hector gave in.

Carlos said he would protect Hector and Oscar and get them out of the country, but the plan went wrong. When the federal government told the cartel about Hector and Oscar, the cartel turned against them. The DEA turned its back on the people who had helped them.

The Trevino brothers sent their prison army out into the world. Hector, Oscar, and Benjamin were killed because they were the ones who took the last batch of BB phones to the cartel. But the army of drug dealers didn’t stop.

The rebel prisoners took over the city and killed everyone they came across on their way to get Hector’s hidden package and get back at Benjamin. Cesar Molina and Pablo, who worked for him, ran the operation.

In the end, Pablo killed Nancy and Tom, two school students who had done nothing wrong. Paquito, Mrs. Chayo’s son-in-law, was killed when he tried to escape from the prison army where he worked.

Besides Benjamin’s brother’s three kids, all of Benjamin’s family was killed. The men from the cartel took the baby and left the other two kids near a church or orphanage. An older Mexican took care of the two children (maybe, adopted them).

After the mass killing, there wasn’t much left in Allende. Armando, Erika’s son, should have made it home safely. Nayeli crossed the river with the brothel owner to start a new life in California.

People would always feel the pain from the scars. So many innocent people would still be alive if the DEA hadn’t been so cowardly and backed off. Somos is a tribute to the people of Allende. It means “we are” or “we exist” in English.

Somos. is a Spanish TV Mini-Series that will air in 2021. It is based on the ProPublica article “How the U.S. Caused a Massacre in Mexico?” It was made for Netflix by James Schamus.

Trailer for Somos Season 2

The streaming behemoth’s trailer for Somos Season 2 has yet to be released. However, when writing, you may watch the series on Netflix.

How Many Episodes Are There in Somos Season 2?

The official episode count for Somos season 2 is unclear and may not be published until much closer to the release date, as is customary in such cases. The number of entries in the follow-up chapter will likely be about six, like in the original.

Somos. Season 2 Plot: What Can We Anticipate?

No one from the cast or crew has revealed any new information regarding the plot. The six-episode premiere season was harrowing from the first to the last episode due to the brutal tragedy in the small village.

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Before the publication of Somos., on May 25, 2021, series director and co-writer James Schamus announced in a blog post that he felt compelled to reveal the existence of various types of people in the disaster-ravaged town.

“I took it as a challenge to reframe real people’s lived experiences in a distinct work — a fictional narrative that would break away from the usual genres that so compellingly mediate our understanding of how violence structures so much of our day-to-day living,’ regardless of how close or far that violence is from us.”

If a second season is produced, the plot will progress while maintaining the same concept and tone.

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