Pretty Smart Season 2: ‘CONFIRMATION’ on Its Cancellation!

The most vexing aspect of watching a show is when it is over. ‘Pretty Smart’ viewers experience the same scenario and emotions. Everyone is interested in the status of its regeneration; yet, the news we have today may upset the audience.

The show’s plot is intriguing and captivating. Book-smart Chelsea discovers she has a lot to learn about happiness after moving in with her exuberant sister and three housemates.

The show stars Emily Osment, Gregg Sulkin, Olivia Macklin, Cinthya Carmona, and Michael Hsu Rosen. Let’s go into the specifics of the show’s renewal status and what’s going on. Because it was last released in October 2021, and everyone has been yearning for it to be renewed ever since.

What Can We Expect From Pretty Smart’s Second Season?

A heated love triangle is building in the house after Claire, who had ended her relationship with Dave, returned home and began kissing her ex Grant, who was dating her sister Chelsea!

Chelsea was about to walk in on Claire kissing Grant. What makes the scenario even more unpleasant is that Chelsea wants to talk to Claire about her growing romance with Grant and whether Claire is okay with her sister dating an ex. So season 2 will focus on the ongoing love triangle between Chelsea, Claire, and Grant.

Netflix Has Cancelled Season 2 of Pretty Smart

According to Pretty Smart appears to have been among the several cancellations from the streaming platform this year. Pretty Smart was terminated in April 2022 after one season. If you were expecting for another season, you will be disappointed. Along with the devastating cancellation news, the show was actually left on a cliffhanger.pretty smart season 2

And the rest of the story will be lost to viewers. The time was ideal for a second season, but it now appears that it will not happen. You’ll be surprised to learn that the show made it into Netflix’s top ten list. Nonetheless, it was cancelled.

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The ratings for this show are not widely known, and most shows are cancelled due to low viewing and other factors. The reason for the cancellation of ‘Pretty Smart’ is unknown. We really thought we’d get another long-running sitcom, didn’t we? Netflix, on the other hand, had other ideas.

Pretty Smart’s First Season Ended on a Cliffhanger

The love triangle between Chelsea, Grant, and Claire would have been featured in the second season. Something we were all hoping to see. The episode concludes with Solana accepting her legal background and Jayden reconciling with his estranged mother.

The first season of the sitcom ends brilliantly, right after Chelsea tells Claire she wants to talk to her, without mentioning the man her sister recently kissed. Okay, that is intriguing. The show’s creators and stars have not commented on the cancellation at this time.

When Will the Second Season Be Available on Netflix?

Now that the series has been officially cancelled, there is no more room for guessing about when it might come out. Would you like Netflix to bring back Pretty Smart for a second season? Tell us in the comments section below!

Release Date of Season 2 of Pretty Smart

Since the creators of the show have decided to end it, there is no date for its return. If you haven’t seen the first season yet, you can watch the trailer for it. Watch the trailer down below:

What Could Season 2 of Pretty Smart Have Been About?

The first season ended on a cliffhanger, so a second season was possible, but it has now been cancelled. In the first season, Chelsea’s boyfriend breaks up with her, so she has to move in with her sister Claire, who isn’t very smart.

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She ends up getting close to Claire’s roommates, a personal trainer named Grant, a spiritual lawyer named Solana (Cinthya Carmon), and a social media influencer named Jayden, in ways she didn’t expect (Michael Hsu Rosen).

At the end of the show, Chelsea, Grant, and Claire were all in love with each other, but they would never do anything on their own to hurt each other. We could have seen more of the love triangle in the next season, and it would have been the perfect time for a fight to happen.

Chelsea and Claire finally have a relationship where they both support each other, and Grant seems to have accepted that Claire doesn’t feel the same way about him. But now that he knows she has feelings, everything might change for him, and he might have different plans for Chelsea. Well, we could have gotten answers to these questions, but since there won’t be a second season, the mystery will stay a mystery.

In Pretty Smart, Who Does Claire End Up With?

In Pretty Smart, do Grant and Chelsea end up together? In “Pretty Smart,” do Grant and Chelsea end up together? Even though everyone wants it to be yes, the answer is no. Even though they are close, they are still a long way from being able to get along.

How Did Pretty Smart End?

They had very different ways of seeing the world, and when they got back together, they were able to learn from each other and help each other grow. Sad to say, they are no longer able to keep getting closer and growing as a group.

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