22 Vs. Earth Release Date: Cast| Plot| Trailer and Many More!

22 vs. Earth was created by Pixar Animation Studios in 2021. It was an American computer-animated short film which is directed by Kevin Nolting and written by Josh Cooley. 22 is a character that first appeared in the 2020 Pixar feature film Soul.

Here is everything you want to know about 22 vs. Earth.

22 vs. Earth: Cast

  • Tina Fey as 22
  • Alice Braga and Richard Ayoade as two soul counsellors
  • Juliana Alcorn as New Soul
  • Micah Chen as Moonbeam
  • Adela Drabek as Peanut
  • Aiyanna Miorin as Zimmy
  • Karee Ducharme as Macaroni
  • Samantha Ho as D-Pac
  • Azriel Dalman as Neptune

22 vs. Earth: Story

Before the events of Soul, 22 makes an unsuccessful effort to convince another soul to stay in the Great Before rather than travel to Earth.

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22 resolves to kidnap five souls and recruit them into a covert resistance group known as the APOCALYPSE out of resentment that Earth has taken away all of her pals (Anonymous Provocateurs and Other Culprits that are Against Leaving Your friends to go to Pathetic Stupid Earth).

22 Vs. Earth

22 leads the other five souls (whom she calls Macaroni, Zimmy, Peanut, D-Pac, and Moonbeam) in an effort to prevent others from discovering their inspiration, but her recruits quickly identify their own and depart for Earth.

As soon as there is only one recruit left, it is Macaroni. As 22’s lone companion, Macaroni hugs 22 before being hurled to Earth angrily by 22 with the promise that she will never be abandoned by the planet like her friends.

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The two soul counsellors watch 22 and ponder her eventual journey to Earth to find the purpose of her existence. When one of them inquires about its significance, the closing credits interrupt the other’s answer.

22 vs. Earth: Release Date

The short was made to explain why 22 does not want to go to Earth, according to 22 vs. Earth director Kevin Nolting, who also served as the editor for Soul.  If we were producing a movie about her, would be the midpoint, and Soul would be the third act, he said, defining the short film.

22 Vs. Earth

Pete Docter, the Soul’s director, gave Nolting the directive to make the short “kid-friendly” in comparison to his previous work. On April 30, 2021, Disney+ made it available.

22 vs. Earth: Trailer

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I Watch 22 Vs. Earth?

You Can Watch 22 Vs. Earth on Disney+.

Is 22 Vs. Earth a Follow-up?

On April 30, 2021, a Pixar Animation Studios Short Titled Earth Will Be Made Available on Disney+. The Short, Which Centres on the Character 22 From the Film Soul, is a Prequel.

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