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Great Escape is a South Korean comedy reality show that airs on tvN every Sunday at 10:40pm (KST), having aired on 1 July 2018. Among the cast are Kang Ho-dong, Kim Jong-min, Shindong, Yoo Byung-jae, Kim Dong-hyun and P.O. The first season came to a close on September 23rd, 2018, with no further episodes airing.

The second season aired between 17 March and 9 June 2019. Season three ran from March 1 to June 14, 2020. In 2021, the show’s fourth season aired from July 11 through October 3 of that year.

Return of Original Cast to “The Great Escape” for Season 2

A second season of ‘The Great Escape,’ an improved version of the show with more fun and tough obstacles, has been confirmed. During the show, the group works together to solve puzzles in order to escape a locked chamber. The sitcom is returning with its original ensemble that comprised Kang Ho Dong, Super Junior‘s Shindong, Kim Jong Min, Block B‘s P.O., Yoo Byung Jae and MMA champion Kim Dong Hyun.

The variety show will premiere its debut episode of the second season on 17th March at 10:40 pm KST on tvN. The cast is expected to have more fun and chemistry than ever before on the show.

The first season premiered in July 2018 and astonished the fans with its unparalleled entertainment genre that even Kang Ho Dong, the nation’s top variety show performer, couldn’t get a hold of the concept during the start of the show. But as the show went, the members demonstrated their sense of oneness and managed to excel in solving difficulties and escape the rooms.

A recent interview with the show’s PD, Jung Jong Yeon, revealed that everything from the production team’s expertise to the actors’ problem-solving abilities had been upgraded, and even the actors were surprised by the new and sophisticated design of the escape room after finishing their first recording.

Overview of Great Escape Season 2

The show will now feature the potential of not making it out alive as a huge adjustment. The recording of the challenge finishes once it occurred.

Another added alteration is that there is a possibility that cast member(s) might get eliminated in the midst of escape, dependent on situations (e.g. “dead” or “missing” during the attempt) and the decisions of the production team. The eliminated cast member(s) will get off from work. There is no longer any assignment of the captain.

Release Date for the Second Season of Great Escape

The second season aired between 17 March and 9 June 2019. Mango TV has debuted “Great Escape: Season 2,” a live-action decryption show. It comprises of Yang Mi, Deng Lun, Huang Minghao, Da Zhangwei, and Guo Qilin as the “Escape Five”.great escape season 2

Typically, there are 5-6 people per episode, all of them bring their own narratives into the mysterious room. In an unknown, no-playing, and infinite time environment, they can solve the mystery and escape in the most realistic state until they ultimately escape the secret room.

The Great Escape Season 2 First Impressions

So, having just seen the premiere episode of Season 2 of The Great Escape, I felt compelled to share my thoughts on the new season and how it compares to Season 1 with my fellow fans.

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I say differences, but actually, things aren’t very different during the second season. After all, the cast and the fundamental framework of the episodes are exactly the same. The final episodes of season 1 are more like the ones we’ll see in this season, rather than the ones we saw earlier.

As much as I liked the initial episodes of the previous season, there were more than a few occasions where it was evident that the cast needed sometime to become used to both one other, and the concept of ‘escape rooms’ in general. But that’s no longer an issue now that they’ve played a full season, which is terrific.

Another reason why this seemed much more like the later episodes of Season 1 is the overwhelming focus on storyline. In contrast to the school episode, which was clearly the major part of the plot, the gambling house and hospital episodes contained only minor story aspects. Season 2 (at least for now ) is definitely more like the school episode than the earlier ones, which I personally am a big lover of.

Season 2’s tone is likely to be the most notable departure from Season 1 due to the increased emphasis on plot and character development. Don’t get me wrong, this is still a lighthearted Korean variety show at heart, but things are far more stressful and even scary at many instances.

Since now there is a potential of not only failing to escape, but also for some members to ‘die,’ this is what is happening. And this honestly is a game changer for me, as in the first season, while there was an underlying sense of danger at all times, none of it seemed like it really mattered for me. Now, since I knew that the members can be ‘killed’, I was on the tip of my seat at all times.great escape season 2

And clearly the staff realised this, since JJY really stretches his editing skills to make the show much more tense and scary when needed, like getting rid of laugh tracks and putting a much stronger emphasis on showing the prospective risks.

Last but not least, there are the sets, which were some of my favourites from Season 1. And…. oh boy. The first set of Season 2 pretty much shits on every set from the first season. Not only are the sets physically larger, but they have also been significantly improved in terms of design, to the point where it felt like a legitimate film set.

I’m not sure how they got tvN to give them that much money when the first programme did so poorly in the ratings, but I’m grateful they did. As a result of this and the emphasis on plot, this is a variety show on a scale unlike any other.

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This was an excellent start to the series for me. I was nearly taken aback by how tense and frightening the episode was while still maintaining a healthy dose of levity and good times. If the upcoming episodes are at least of this calibre… then The Great Escape Season 2 might ultimately dethrone The Genius Season 4 as my favourite Korean show of all time.

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