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Selling Sunset Season 5: Ending Explained

Selling Sunset Season 5

The inevitable split between Chrishell Stause and Jason Oppenheim was exactly as heartbreaking as we all anticipated. It was an unexpected romance that started the season, but any Selling Sunset fan knew it was gone before the fifth season was released.

Stause sobbed when she told Emma Hernan in the season 5 finale, “He just told me that he doesn’t want to have kids.” “I’ve explained what this means to him clearly. All done. We split up.”

In the final episode of season 5, several storylines were resolved—at least temporarily—along with Stause and Jason’s romance. Vanessa Villela tells Davina Potratz that she’s thinking about moving to London to be with her lover Nick, whom we witnessed give her a promise ring.

Maya Vander receives a champagne farewell celebration from the brokerage because she has declared that she won’t return to Selling Sunset as a full-time cast member. Christine Quinn rejects Jason and Mary Fitzgerald, and her position at the Oppenheim Group is in jeopardy.

Heather Rae El Moussa weds Tarek El Moussa in a stunning Montecito ceremony, and Micah McDonald and Hernan enjoy a very steamy hot tub date. (Which, it turns out, is the final time we see Chrishell and Jason together in the season.) Let’s get started, shall we?

Christine Might Not Join the Oppenheim Group Again

Hernan tells Fitzgerald and Jason toward the end of the season that Quinn tried to offer a client $5,000 so they wouldn’t deal with Hernan. (Quinn intimated that she disputes the allegations in a tweet about the “5,000 false stories” on the show.) Jason tells Hernan, “You shouldn’t ever have to deal with something like that.” “In my opinion, she has gone too far.”

Fitzgerald and Jason wait for Quinn after Hernan departs, but Quinn never arrives. Quinn confesses, “I don’t know why Emma is trying to make me appear terrible again.” “It’s becoming really tiresome to always try to discredit me in this way. They don’t need to talk to me, in my opinion.”

Quinn’s position with the O Group is in doubt as the season comes to a close. Quinn has made hints that she’s left the O Group after the show’s filming wrapped, even though her bio is still up on the brokerage’s website.

It’s Possible That Vanessa and Maya Won’t Return for Season 6

In the closing episode, Villela and Vander both make suggestions that they might not return for Selling Sunset season 6. As previously noted, Villela is considering moving to London, while Vander informs Jason that she wants to spend more time with her family in Miami.

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It hasn’t been officially announced that there will be the sixth season, but Us Weekly reports that it has been given the go-ahead. However, it is unknown whether Villela, Vander, and even Quinn will return for another season.

Is Chrishell Also Departing?

Despite the fact that the ex-couple had already announced their separation in December, as I previously mentioned, the breakup was nonetheless sad. In the season 5 finale, Jason reiterates that he has been debating whether he wants to have children for “a lot of time.”

He states, “I feel that pressure just as much as she does. “Every day, I think about it… Sincerely, the thought of being a father overwhelms me. I’m scared because I understand that if I choose that, Chrishell won’t be with me.”

The next scenario involves Hernan and takes place at Stause’s home. Stause says, “I assumed this was it.” “That’s what I find challenging, I’ve got it, I’ve cracked the code to life, I’ve never been happier, I’m with someone who appreciates me, and we’re having a baby. It fulfils every wish I’ve ever had.”

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One day it will make sense, Hernan assures her. “just not at this time. This is simply the universe’s way of diverting your attention.”

Stause tells her, “I don’t know if [he and I] can keep working together.” “To be honest, I’m just saying that.”

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