Emily in Paris Season 2: Ending Explained

Finally, we can welcome Emily in Paris, the whimsical dramedy on Netflix, to its eagerly awaited second season.

There are challenges at Emily’s opulent job, musical performances by Mindy, and, you guessed it, love strife in the show’s most recent season. Emily was caught in not one, but two love triangles in season 1, and this continues in season 2.

Fans of Emily in Paris were left with a huge cliffhanger at the conclusion of season 2 in typical Emily in Paris fashion.

Your thoughts are certainly spinning with speculation about Emily’s future and if she’ll stay in Paris after the series finale. Of course, a third season will be necessary to reveal her fate, but let’s discuss Emily in Paris season 2’s finale in the interim.

Should Emily remain at Savoir?

It’s unclear if Emily will continue working for Savoir or join Sylvie, Luc, and Julien in leading the “French revolution” in the advertising industry.

She must choose between joining Sylvie, Luc, and Julien’s new agency or working her way up at Savoir and the Gilbert Group, which is the main reason she came to Paris in the first place.

Emily in Paris Season 2

She will probably earn the promotion she has been working toward for years if she stays at Savoir with her Chicago boss, Madeline. But if she ventures out and joins her Parisian colleagues, she might have additional chances to develop her skills.

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In the final scene of the show, Emily calls Sylvie and announces her choice, albeit we are left in the dark as to what it is. It might make sense for her to join Sylvie’s new company and make the move permanent if she wants to stay in the City of Lights for a longer period of time.

Did Emily select Gabriel or Alfie?

As previously stated, Emily’s love life is highly conflicted during season 2. Her relationship with Gabriel initially degenerated, costing her the opportunity to date Mathieu and her friendship with Camille.

Emily in Paris Season 2

Emily found romance with her hot British classmate from French class in an effort to get over the incident. It makes for some genuinely amazing entertainment when Emily, Gabriel, and Alfie end up in a love triangle.

Alfie develops doubts about Gabriel near the end of the season but chooses to remain with Emily. Emily discovers she is still in love with Gabriel after Alfie suggests a long-distance relationship. When Emily expresses her affections, she learns that Gabriel and Camille have rekindled their relationship.

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Emily may opt to pursue an LDR with Alfie because she had lost her chance to date Gabriel (for the time being, at least). Let’s hope Netflix approves the third season so we can learn more.

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