Dokev Release Date: On Which Platforms It Will Be Played?

Dokev Emerged as a Standout During the Gamescom Opening Night Live 2021 Livestream, and With Good Cause. The Pearl Abyss project was destined to attract a specific audience due to its beautiful art style, engaging theme music, complex open-world landscapes, and blatant Pokémon references. In light of the revived interest, here is everything we know about the game, including its release date, gameplay features, platforms, and more.

This gorgeous anime-influenced game resembles a very different version of Pokemon mixed with Jet Set Radio and K-Pop elements. It takes place in a lively open-world environment that revolves on a range of exotic creatures known as Dokebi.

The game made its debut at Gamescom 2021, however it has been in development since 2019. DokeV already has a massive following and its own TikTok account after attracting the attention of Twitch celebrity Asmongold and YouTube megastar Dr. Disrespect.

What is Dokev’s Confirmed Release Date?

DokeV was first announced as a pure MMO in 2019, and Pearl Abyss was scheduled to enter beta in 2020. During production, the developers transformed DokeV into an open-world action-adventure game that focuses on creature capture.

According to Thetealmango the film may get a release at the end of 2022. Pearl Abyss stated on the official DokeV website, “#DokeV was initially introduced as an MMO, but we chose to change the game’s direction. It is now an open-world, creature-collecting action-adventure. But regardless of genre, we’re striving for lively, exciting, and daring!”

Is There Any Trailer for Dokev?

There have been two DokeV trailers to date. The first one premiered during a Pearl Abyss Connect broadcast in November 2019. You can view the three-minute clip on this page. While some first believed that the teaser had gameplay footage, it appears to be the game’s introductory cinematic.

In the video, we see a player avatar riding a skateboard across a large metropolis filled with interesting stores and monsters. Several characters are also depicted fishing. The protagonist begins driving a car and even parachute-drops into a boss fight against a formidable monster. To battle it, he joins forces with a gang of friendly creatures.

In the Gamescom video, which debuted at August 2021’s Opening Night Live, many of these same elements are viewed from the perspective of actual gameplay. The in-game metropolis can be traversed using skateboards, in-line skates, bicycles, automobiles, and more.

DokeV provides players with weaponry to confront hostile monsters, but they can also bring a small group of allies into battle for assistance. The majority of scenes depict players striking bosses with big hammers, while equipment can be purchased to provide additional skills beyond these basic assaults. DokeV’s defensive capabilities include a dodge roll system reminiscent of Monster Hunter or Kingdom Hearts.

On Which Platforms May Dokev will Be Played?

DokeV will be released on Windows PC and consoles. It will most likely be compatible with PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S. The official YouTube website for DokeV has tags for PS4 and Xbox One. This may indicate that the game will be released on those platforms as well. DokeV was originally supposed to be released for mobile devices.

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Since the release of the most recent trailer, the creators have not provided any updates addressing this. Mobile versions of their earlier titles, including Black Desert, are available. Consequently, the forthcoming title may follow the same approach.

Will Dokev Be Compatible With the Ps5 and Ps4?

DokeV will undoubtedly be accessible on the PlayStation 5, Sony’s current-generation platform. The developers have revealed that the game is being developed for the most up-to-date consoles and PC.

However, it is unknown if the game would be released for the PlayStation 4, which is a generation older than the PlayStation 3. Pearl Abyss may also release a PS4 version of the next game due to the global PlayStation 5 shortage and the large number of gamers that continue to use the PS4.

Dokev Will Be Accessible on Switch?

There are currently no updates regarding DokeV’s arrival on Nintendo Switch. According to rumours, the game is solely being developed for the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. Therefore, it will not be initially available on Switch. Pearl Abyss may offer the game on Nintendo Switch in the future. If they intend to compete with the core Pokemon games, they must utilise Switch to catch the audience.

Is Dokev an Mmo?

Pearl Abyss has lately clarified that DokeV is not an MMO, despite its trailers mimicking MMO notions by depicting big groups of gamers congregating and dancing.dokev

Shortly after the launch of the Gamescom video, the game’s official Twitter account said, “DokeV was initially introduced as an MMO, but we chose to shift the game in a different path, and it is now an open-world action-adventure.” The developer stated, “Regardless of genre, we’re aiming for joy, vitality, and excitement!”

What Will the Cost of Dokev Be? Will It Be Free?

Pearl Abyss has acknowledged in a statement that they have not yet decided whether DokeV would be free or paid. And if it is premium, what will the cost of the game be? Consequently, the pricing of DokeV is still uncertain.

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The likelihood of the developers releasing it as a free-to-play game is high, given their previous releases. Aspects of the game’s live service and potential concert elements point in the same direction.

Dokev Delivers an Engaging Gameplay and Entertaining Story

DokeV is now an open-world action-adventure game in which players capture creatures. Based on early gameplay footage, it appears to be entertaining, appealing, and exciting. The developers have stated that the game takes place in a futuristic world where AI (Artificial Intelligence) has entirely taken over and “The Company” develops Androids using this AI.

In an unexpected turn of events, it is revealed that the Dokebi are used to build the AI chips. But What are Dokebi in DokeV? Dokebi is essentially DokeV’s counterpart to Pokemon. They are creatures that can be discovered and partnered with by players within the expansive cosmos. They cannot be captured using Pokeballs in DokeV. To befriend them, special conditions must be met.

They are the result of unfulfilled desires and aspirations. By befriending them, you can discover their distinct histories. So, The Company is a group of villains against whom you and your Dokebi allies must fight to liberate other Dokebi (s). By forming an alliance with Dokebi, you will become more powerful as the game progresses.

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