Release Date of Beastars Season 3, Who Will Be in the Cast of the Anime?

Paru Itagaki is the author and illustrator of the Beastars manga series. From September 2016 to October 2020, it was serialised in Akita Shoten’s Weekly Shnen Champion, with its chapters compiled in 22 tankbon volumes. Viz Media holds the licence for the English release of the manga in North America.

The story is set in a modern world inhabited by anthropomorphic, sophisticated animals with a cultural division between carnivores and herbivores. The title of the series is derived from the in-universe moniker of Beastar, a man of tremendous skill, service, and renown.

A television series adaption by Orange aired on Fuji TV’s +Ultra programming block from October 2019 to December 2019. The second season of the show ran from January to March of 2021. In December 2021, a third and final season was announced. Netflix possesses a licence for the anime series. The first season premiered in March 2020 and the second in July 2021 outside of Japan.

What is the Meaning of the Anime Beastars?

At Cherryton Academy, herbivores and carnivores attempt to coexist peacefully. All pupils, including carnivores, are barred from consuming animal foods, despite the fact that many animals live a life distinct from that of humans. Nevertheless, despite the limitations, there are species that hunt at night and purchase meat on the illicit market.

In this universe inhabited solely by animals, Legoshi and numerous other young animals are described. The bullying, joys, and pains they endured, in short, all the feelings and happenings of the characters, were presented in an interesting and questionable manner. Beatstars opens the door to a captivating tale of how Legoshi confronts his inner devil in a society that is harsh to her kind.

When Does Season 3 of Beastars Premiere?

Beastars was originally streamed on Netflix outside of Japan on March 13, 2020. Prior to this, the show was initially shown on Fui Tv in 2019, however Netflix eventually acquired the rights. The release date for the second season of Beastars has been set for July 15, 2021.beastars season 3

With the two seasons being released consecutively and the globe seemingly recuperating from the pandemic, it seems quite likely that the release date for Beastars season 3 will be revealed in the near future.

If rumours are to be believed, Beastars season 3 will premiere in the middle or late of 2022. The fans can only hope for an early release following the conclusion of the second season in 2021.

What Is the Anticipated Storyline of Beasters 3?

Studio Orange and Netflix are already circulating rumours about the release of season three of Beasters. We may discuss Legoshi’s life decision on whether or not he wishes to continue attending school. Additionally, they may provide light on his romantic life and his relationship with Haru. There is a possibility that Louis, Haru, and Jack will accompany Legoshi on his adventure.

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There is a strong possibility that the third season of Beastars may introduce various new characters, such as Yahya. If the anime series follows the manga, Louise and Legoshi will likely need to come to terms with their Father Figure. As they continue to work towards bridging the gap between herbivores and carnivores, their trip will be filled with a vast array of excitement and danger.

Season 3 of Beastars: Should We Expect the Same Voice Cast?

To yet, there have been no announcements regarding the new cast and characters, but it is a certainty that the voices of the previous cast will return for the third season.

The following Japanese/English voice actors participated in the second season of Beastars: Legoshi- Chikahiro Kobayashi as Jonah Scott. Louis- Yuki Ono in the role of Griffin Puatu. Jack- Junya Enoki as Ben Diskin. Haru- Sayaka Senbongi as Lara Jill Miller. Juno- Atsumi Tanezaki as Lauren Landa. Riz- Hiroshi. Shirokuma as Patrick Seitz. Pina- Yuki Kaji as Kayleigh McKee. Gouin- Akio Otsuka as Keith Silverstein.


Paru Itagaki is the author and illustrator of the original Beastars series. The series, which began publication in 2016, concluded on October 8, 2020. The manga series produced by Japanese publisher Akita Shoten is also available to English-language readers via Viz Media. The discontinuation of the manga series has already curtailed the number of seasons we may view.

However, 22 volumes of the manga series have been published to date, and sufficient source material is available for the next seasons. Six volumes were adapted during the first season, while six more were adapted during the second season. The remaining inventory consists of ten volumes of manga.beastars season 3

Uncertainty remains around the amount of source material utilised in season 3. If the remaining story is not adequately adapted, a fourth season may be produced, but nothing beyond that will be conceivable.

Popularity of Beastars

The Beastars anime is placed 208th on the popularity chart maintained by Myanimelist. Given its present popularity, creative studio Orange will not reject further seasons, since this is one of the most valuable anime properties in its possession. Beatstars is a popular anime series not just in Japan, but also internationally. Especially due to an exclusive distributor such as Netflix, the anime is available worldwide.

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Google searches offer us an estimate of the series’ current popularity. When we examine the data, we find that BEASTARS is being sought after more than Netflix-broadcast anime series like The Dragon Prince and Mob Psycho 100. We’re aware that Netflix anime isn’t usually popular in Japan, but the anime page’s official Japanese Twitter account has over 80,000 followers.

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