Love Rosie: Production, Release Date, Cast, Criticism and Everything You Need to Know

Love, Rosie is a 2014 romantic comedy-drama film directed by Christian Ditter and written by Juliette Towhidi, based on Irish novelist Cecelia Ahern’s 2004 novel Where Rainbows End. Christian Cooke, Tamsin Egerton, Suki Waterhouse, Jamie Beamish, and Jaime Winstone play supporting parts alongside Lily Collins and Sam Claflin.

Production of Love Rosie

The coast of Howth, with Tara Hall on the left, where filming occurred, Filming began in May 2013 in Toronto before shifting to Dublin and Howth. The movie was directed by Christian Ditter.

Release Date of Love Rosie

The film debuted on October 17, 2014. It is a comedy romentic film based on a novel of Cecelia Ahern named Where Rainbows End. Further information about the movie is given below.


Lily Collins portraying Rosie Dunne. Beau Rose Garratt portrayed Rosie (6 years old). Lara McDonnell as Rosie (10 years old). Sam Claflin as Alex Stewart. Tighe Wardell as 6-year-old Alex. Tom John Kelly in the role of Alex (10 years old). Tamsin Egerton portraying Sally. Suki Waterhouse as Bethany Williams. Jaime Winstone portraying Ruby.Love Rosie

Christian Cooke portraying Greg. Lily Laight portraying Katie Dunne. Rosa Molloy as Katie (5 years old). Matthew Dillon as Toby (12 years old) (12 years old). Aaron Kinsella portraying Toby (5 years old). Nick Lee portraying Herb. Nick Hardin portraying Joe American. Jamie Beamish portraying Phil. Art Parkinson portraying Gary Dunne.

Overview of Love Rosie

A romantic film that explores the notion that love can be timeless, or even fated, while remaining difficult.

Plot of Love Rosie

Alex and Rosie have been the best of friends for nearly as long as they can recall. During Rosie’s 18th birthday party, Alex finds he has love feelings for Rosie after kissing her while she is intoxicated. The following day, while suffering from a hangover and having her stomach pumped, Rosie regrets getting drunk and expresses this sentiment to Alex. Alex sees her statements as Rosie only wants to be friends.

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Greg, the “fittest guy in their class,” invites Rosie to the prom. While she had originally planned to attend with Alex, she accepts Greg’s invitation when she discovers that Alex is considering attending the dance with Bethany. After the dance, Rosie has sex with Greg, but the condom slips off inside her.

Rosie desires to one day operate her own hotel, so she applies to Boston College’s hotel management programme and is admitted. The discovery that Alex is having sexual relations with Bethany drives her to vomit.

Rosie realises she is pregnant but does not inform Alex out of fear that he will abandon his chance to study at Harvard in order to assist her. Alex gives birth to a daughter, Katie, after her departure for the United States. Alex learns of Rosie’s pregnancy through Bethany and becomes Katie’s godfather.

Rosie joins Alex in Boston five years later, and they spend the night conversing and touring the city. The next morning, she learns that Sally, his girlfriend, is pregnant. She recognises that Alex’s living condition was inappropriate and attempts to discuss it with him, but he refuses, stating that at least their child will have two parents. Rosie leaves Boston immediately, enraged.

In 2009, she marries Greg, who had first left to Ibiza upon learning of her pregnancy. Later, Rosie discovers that Alex ended his relationship with his girlfriend after realising the child was not his. She encounters Bethany, who is now a well-known model, and proposes that Bethany look for Alex on her forthcoming trip to the United States.

An additional five years pass. Rosie’s father dies. Alex attends Rosie’s funeral, where they reconcile. At the same event, Greg’s immaturity causes a disturbance. Alex writes Rosie a letter explaining that she deserves a better man and that he can be that man. Greg, however, intercepts and conceals the note from Rosie.

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Later, Rosie learns Greg’s infidelity and kicks him out of the house. While disposing of Alex’s belongings, she discovers his letter. She calls him but learns that Bethany is now living with him and that they are engaged. They invite Rosie to serve as their wedding’s “best man.”

Rosie’s plan to disrupt the wedding fails because the church ceremony has already concluded by the time she arrives. During her speech at the reception, Rosie tells Alex that she loves him as a friend. Katie invites a buddy named Toby to the wedding, resembling the childhood bond between Rosie and Alex.

Toby kisses Katie unexpectedly during a dance, but Katie pushes him away and runs outdoors. Alex and Rosie pursue her. Alex then comforts Katie by telling her about his relationship with Rosie and how he regrets pushing her away after their first kiss. Toby quickly locates Katie and apologises for his actions.

Katie interrupts his request for her to forget what had occurred with a passionate kiss. Alex discovers at that point that Rosie does not recall the 18th birthday kiss they shared. He understands that he misinterpreted her desire to forget that night as a desire to maintain a platonic relationship.Love Rosie

Using her father’s wealth, Rosie eventually realises her dream of opening her own hotel. Alex is the second guest she has hosted. When he arrives, he informs Rosie that he is no longer married to Bethany and reveals a reoccurring dream he has about them being together. Finally, they embrace.

Criticism on Love Rosie

Even while Collins and Claflin deserve a great deal of credit, I must acknowledge that their relationship, despite its obstacles, appears to be very wonderful. To the point that there is no impulse to smile uncontrollably, cry uncontrollably, fangirl uncontrollably, or whatever else when things appear to be going well or poorly.

You understand that these two are cute together, but the actors/characters lack the depth that would make them more than two gorgeous people whose relationship appears to be predetermined.

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Also, a tiny criticism: I did not understand if Ruby’s (Jaime Winstone) role had been shortened or if it was intended to be this way, but something seemed extremely odd. Specifically in regards to her abrupt romance with Phil (Jamie Beamish), which appeared to be thrown together. Unless I was simply not paying attention, I was not paying attention.

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