Girl in the Basement: A True Story of Elisabeth Fritzl’s Suffering Is Premiered on Lifetime!

Lifetime has recently given its Ripped From the Headlines series a lot of attention, and this trend isn’t about to slow down any time soon. Their most recent film, Girl in the Basement, tells the chilling story of a cruel father who keeps his daughter captive in their basement for twenty-five years.

Is Girl in the Basement a true story at its core, even though the events depicted in Lifetime movies are frequently considerably dramatised? If yes, what specifically is the story? Here is a summary of every known fact.

Girl in the Basement: Release Date

Girl in the Basement, a Lifetime film that just had its release on February 27, 2021, is based on actual occurrences.

Girl in the Basement

The movie, which stars Judd Nelson, Stefanie Scott, and Joely Fisher, is about a young girl who is imprisoned by her own father for several years. The Fritzl case, which occurred from 1984 to 2008, is the subject of the movie.

Girl in the Basement: Cast

The Girl in the Basement core cast includes

  • Judd Nelson as Don
  • Stefanie Scott as Sara
  • Joely Fisher as Irene
  • Braxton Bjerken as Michael
  • Kim Rosen as Doctor
  • Emily Topper as Amy
  • Jake Nuttall as Thomas
  • Mac Wells as Cop 1
  • Emma Myers as Marie
  • Nina Yong as Mother
  • Nic Starr as Police Officer
  • Angela Perkins as Nurse
  • Liam Pileggi as Toddler Michael Cody

What Is the Real Story of the Girl in the Basement?

The true account of Elisabeth Fritzl, a young Austrian lady who was held captive by her father, Josef Fritzl, from 1984 to 2008, is the basis for the movie Girl in the Basement.

On August 28, 1984, Josef took Elisabeth to their home’s basement and applied an ether-soaked cloth to her face; after she passed out, he tied her and imprisoned her in the subterranean prison, according to Oxygen.

Then, under pressure from Josef, Elisabeth forced herself to write a letter to her mother Rosemarie in which she claimed to have fled her native Amstetten, Austria, and not want to be discovered.

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In the following 24 years, Josef violated Elisabeth virtually daily. She gave birth to her first child, Kerstin, in 1988 and went on to have six more children, Stefan, Lisa, Monika, Alexander, Michael, and Felix. Michael, however, tragically passed away three days after his birth.

As the years went by, Josef took some of the kids out of the cellar and revealed to Rosemarie that Elisabeth had sent them because she needed help raising them. They started caring for the kids as foundlings since Rosemarie started to believe him.

Elisabeth first came out of the cellar on April 19, 2008, after Kerstin, her oldest child, became unconscious.

Girl in the Basement

Shortly after Kerstin was taken to the hospital, she went back to the basement; nevertheless, a week later, she was taken to the police for questioning when hospital workers reported concerns to the police.

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Elisabeth revealed her terrifying ordeal after spending hours doing so, and on April 26 her father was taken into custody.

Less than a year following his arrest, Josef entered a guilty plea to charges of murder for his carelessness in relation to Michael’s passing, as well as to charges related to the enslavement, incest, rape, coercion, and false imprisonment of Elisabeth. He was given a life sentence at Garsten Abbey, and he is still there as of this writing.

Girl in the Basement: Trailer

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I Watch Girl in the Basement?

There are still a couple of ways to see Girl in the Basement if you missed the Lifetime premiere on Saturday, February 27. A cable log-in is necessary to access the new Elisabeth Fritzl movie, which is streamable on the Lifetime website or Lifetime app.

Can I Watch Girl in the Basement on Netflix?

no, as Girl in the Basement Is Not Available to watch on Netflix.

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