Dexter New Blood Season 2: Is It Happening? What We Know

Dexter New Blood Season 2: Is It Happening? What We Know

Showtime aired the last episode of the first season of the revival on January 9, 2022. So be careful, because the following is full of STUNNING SPOILERS.

The debut chapter of Dexter New Blood has come to an end with a truly unexpected twist, which further sharpens the curiosity of fans about the future of the revival: will there be a season 2? Showtime hasn’t spoken yet, but fans are wondering how the story will continue now that protagonist Dexter Morgan is dead.

Yep, the first season ended with the death of the serial killer, at the hands of none other than his son Harrison. The latter, after learning that Sergeant Logan, totally innocent, had died at the hands of his father, puts on his rifle and shoots the parent. Both the Morgans are aware that the death of Dexter is the only way out, now that the code according to which man has ever lived has been shattered.

The showrunner of revival, Clyde Phillips, expressed in Deadline its willingness to return to work on the TV series. The decision on a possible renewal rests solely with the network:

“It is up to Showtime to decide if it wants to proceed. If they were to ask me if I’d like to make a sequel, I’d say yes. I have a lot going on, but I’d drop everything for it and accept in a second.”

At the moment we can’t tell you more. We’ll see if a season 2 for Dexter New Blood will be confirmed, or if a spin-off dedicated to the young Harrison will even come to life.

Dexter New Blood Season 2: Do We Have A Release Date?

It will be clear to you, at this point, that as of today we cannot know when Dexter New Blood 2 will release, given that it is not certain that the season will see the light. We will come back to this topic as well, should Showtime opt for renewal.

Dexter New Blood Season 2: Who’s In The Cast?

Without a doubt, fans of the series who are also passionate about the revival will be wondering which actors and characters could make a return in the cast of season 2 of Dexter New Blood.

Unfortunately, however, we reiterate that there is no certainty that the series will be renewed. For this reason, at the moment we do not have certain information relating to the cast. All we can report, as anticipated, is that Dexter Morgan is killed in the final episode of the first season by Harrison ( Jack Alcott ), after discovering that his father was responsible for the death of Sergeant Logan, played by Alano Miller.

The latter and Michael C. Hall should therefore be out of the game. Dexter New Blood could therefore continue with season 2 by shifting the focus to the son of the protagonist. Until we know more, in any case, we can not help but bring back the protagonists who came out alive from the first ten episodes:

  • Julia Jones as Angela Bishop
  • Johnny Sequoyah as  Audrey
  • David Magidoff as Teddy


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