Falling Into Your Smile Season 2: Release Date & Other Updates

Falling Into Your Smile Season 2: Release Date & Other Updates

The plot of the new melodrama is centered on a team of professional gamers. The tape tells the story of a talented athlete named Yu Min, who received an injury that prevented his hobby. This hero received a lot of criticism from the public, who called the story of the key character plagiarism. The audience accused screenwriter Jia Chan of borrowing other works and veiled the use of the real biography of WE player Ga Xu Cheng.

There was no limit to the audience’s anger, so the authors had to promise to be more attentive to coincidences. Now about the release date of Falling into Your Smile Season, 2 is anyone’s guess. It is not known how the audience’s reaction will affect the project’s future.

When Will Season 2 Release?

A new Korean drama premiered in June 2021. The esports story has resonated with many viewers, especially in Korea and the USA, where the most popular competition. Presumably, the second season of Falling Into Your Smile will release sometime around October 2022. Despite the backlash from some critics, the drama has loyal fans interested in the second season of the series. Here’s what we know.

What Is The Plot?

The drama is based on a novel by Jia Chan. This screenwriter is accused of plagiarism and using a famous player in the plot of the real story. Of course, the authors insist on the coincidence of some facts and urge the public to look at some things rationally.

One day, the leader of a solid professional esports team, Yu Ming, injures his hand. The girl Tong Yao is invited to take his place. A university graduate gets a job and a chance to prove herself a worthy player. In the tournament, the team loses due to injury to Yu Min, who makes a difficult decision to leave the sport. But before Tog Yao, tempting career prospects open up.

It is worth noting that the project received criticism not only because of the copied plot but also because of the acting of the main characters. Many viewers decided that the performers of the key roles did not reach the target, and this was not counting the next hype that arose due to rumors of the inappropriate behavior of Kevin Xu in childhood. It seems that the public is deliberately sabotaging the project and does not at all dream of knowing whether the show Falling Into Your Smile season 2 will be shown. However, the show’s producer Yu Zheng warns ill-wishers that he does not intend to tolerate unfounded criticism of his brainchild.



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