Euphoria: Is The Show Renewed For Season 3?

Euphoria: Is The Show Renewed For Season 3?

An army of fans of the series has formed, which will take “with a bang” every new episode, regardless of the plot. It is this part of fans of youth cinema that is now discussing on the internet the question of whether Euphoria season 3 will be coming or not. There are a lot of shows of this kind, but it is in this show that the realism of what is happening is shocking.

Euphoria Season 3: Do We Have A Release Date?

The second season of Euphoria will premiere on 10th January 2022. So far, nothing more has been revealed about the third season of Euphoria. A wild guess could be that if renewed, which the show surely will, we can expect the third season to hit the screens around mid-2023. The creators of the series are definitely interested in extending the drama for a third season, but for some reason, they are in no hurry to make a public announcement.

Euphoria: What Is The Plot?

High school student Ru Bennett became addicted to narcotics early. During the summer holidays, after an overdose, the girl is sent to a rehabilitation centre. She goes back to the beginning of the school year. When classmates ask Roo to share her impressions of the summer, she runs out of class hysterically. After that, the heroine goes to a familiar narcotics dealer and takes a long-awaited dose.

In parallel, the story of Jul, a girl who moved from another city, develops. Kat’s new friend invites her to a youth party, but Jul prefers meeting a grown man from a dating site. Having slept with him, the girl still goes to a party, after which she meets Ru and invites her to her place. Mutual attraction arises between them.

Jules continues to meet online. An unknown guy becomes her new virtual couple. One day she has to save Roo from another overdose. A few days later, Jules reveals the identity of her internet boyfriend. From this moment on, the girl begins to have serious problems.

Together with the lines of these heroines, the series tells about the life of their peers. Boys and girls cannot find themselves in a rapidly changing world. Their life consists of the Internet, alcohol, narcotics, sexual experiments. All this is typical for millions of adolescents living in real life. That is why the project is megapopular, and its young audience wants to know when Euphoria season 3 will be released.



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