Harry Potter Reunion: Emma Watson Almost Left The Movie!

Harry Potter Reunion: Emma Watson Almost Left The Movie!

In 2022, the Harry Potter reunion on HBO Max, an event that captivated Potter fans around the world, will be aired on the network. A lot of new information was revealed in the special episode. After The Order of the Phoenix was released, it emerged that Emma Watson had considered quitting Harry Potter.

Indeed, the actress confessed to her fears about playing Hermione permanently in a scene where she recalled some of her time on set with Rupert Grint.

“I don’t know if you ever thought it would last forever, and I’m not sure if I ever thought it would either. Everything got a little more complicated for everyone in the Order of the Phoenix era after it happened to me. Later on, however, the issue of celebrity arose. Because of the support I received from the public, I was encouraged to continue my career.”

She was just 10 years old when she was cast as Hermione in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, making her one of the youngest cast members of all time. Since then, his life has dramatically changed, and fame has engulfed every aspect of his daily existence.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix producer David Heyman and Warner Bros. told director David Yates that Emma wasn’t sure if she wanted to return for a second film.

Daniel Radcliffe recalls, “We never talked about it in the movie days because we were so young.” “In my teens, I would never have greeted another 14-year-old by saying, “How are you doing?” ‘Everything is fine, right?'” They all had similar thoughts, even though they didn’t speak to each other.

In the Harry Potter Reunion, Oliver and James Phelps exchanged greetings.

Harry Potter fans were quick to point out a mistake in the cast reunion when a picture of little Emma Roberts was used instead of Emma Watson’s. The actor who portrays George Weasley, Oliver Phelps, also made a blunder on social media: his name was mistakenly listed under the photo of his brother James, who plays the character.

Homozygous twins Oliver and James Phelps play George and Fred in Harry Potter, and they share the role of George in the film. Because James has longer hair now, the two look very different than they did in the movies. However, it appears that those who took care of inserting the protagonists’ names in the Harry Potter reunion have missed this distinction. It was Oliver Phelps who first brought attention to the error, posting a screenshot of the interview in which the brothers’ names and personalities have been switched.

“Something had to be done about all those years of pranks, I suppose. Attending the Harry Potter reunion was a wonderful experience. I’m glad you found it useful.”

Other Harry Potter actors who were in attendance at the reunion, such as Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy), joked that it was their fault under the post. He even wrote: Even Matthew Lewis (Neville Longbottom), the actor who portrays the wizard, wrote: “You’re going to have a good laugh at this. Boys. What’s going on?”



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