Riverdale Season 7: Will It Happen?

Riverdale Season 7: Will It Happen?

The show, based on comics, has won audience love around the world. Especially when the streaming giant Netflix bought the rights to the show. Closer to the sixth season, some viewers got tired of the once-beloved project. Critics decided that a seven-year leap in time was a harbinger of job closure. Currently, the show is in its sixth season, and the fans are wondering whether the show will return for a seventh season.

Riverdale Season 7: Will It Happen?

It was previously expected that the sixth season would be the final for the show, but the creators reasoned differently. The official release date of season 7 of Riverdale has not been revealed. The show is currently under its sixth season and a mid-season break. The season will resume the premiere of its episodes on March 6, 2022. 

So far, the makers have not announced an official announcement for Riverdale Season 7. It seems that the creators have big plans for this mystical series. So much the better for fans of the genre, closely watching the main characters’ adventures.

Riverdale Season 7: What Is The Plot?

Some fans wonder why the creators persist in continuing a story that has lost many ratings. Nevertheless, the creators are already developing a new script.  

It all started with the mysterious murder of Jason Blossom. It was then that Archie and his friends decided to find the culprit of the tragedy independently. Further, the guys are engaged in disclosing the identity of a serial maniac and trying to help their friend, who is accused of murder.

In the fourth season of the show, events revolve around the celebration of Halloween, and mysterious videotapes addressed to the residents of the town. The fifth season showed the audience the matured heroes. The guys get together again to figure out the next confusing business. The sixth started with a five-episode ‘Rivervale’ event. What will happen to the key characters next is unknown, but the audience knows for sure that Riverdale season 7 will be shown. Critics suggest that the writers continue the story with the matured characters, but this is just speculation so far.

Some critics didn’t like the idea of ​​the characters growing up. Since the show was initially positioned as a teenage mystical drama, it is one thing to watch young people and quite another to see them grow up quickly. However, many fans still want to know whether the show will return for a seventh season.



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