3 Actors Who Are Convicted Criminals But You Still Love Them!

3 Actors Who Are Convicted Criminals But You Still Love Them!

You should never be dazzled by popular and funny series or films, as well as great music. Just because artists lead a glamorous life, wear great clothes, or have entertaining projects up and running doesn’t automatically mean they’re good people. These world-famous stars are real felons. You know them from the music charts, your favorite series, and films but in reality, these stars are criminals. 

1) Tobey Maguire

While colleague Tom Holland can celebrate great success as “Spider-Man”. It has become quiet about the ex-Spidey Tobey Maguire. And not without reason. Because the actor hosted illegal poker games and was also linked to a fraudulent poker ring.

Maguire started organizing illegal poker games in Los Angeles in 2005. Partner In Crime was TV producer Houston Curtis, who reveals the background to the illegal poker ring in his book “Billion Dollar Hollywood Heist”. Every Tuesday rich business people and stars such as Ben Affleck and Leonardo DiCaprio played illegal tournaments. The film “Molly’s Game” (2018) is based on Maguire’s games.

Then at the end of 2009, the games blew up. Maguire and other players are indicted in several private proceedings in an investigation into a large fraudulent poker ring. Maguire’s games are believed to have been linked to the fraudulent poker ring, and money fraudulently drawn from investors’ pockets ended up in Maguire’s poker account. Maguire was fined $ 80,000 but is said to have won up to $ 1 million a month in poker games from 2006 to 2009.

2) Mark Wahlberg

Today Mark Wahlberg (“Ted”, “Three Kings”, “Transformers”) is an absolute superstar, but his past is not nice either! According to his own statements, Mark got into the wrong people at an early age and slipped into drug addiction.

He was a member of a gang when he was 14 and was arrested several times for narcotics. At the age of 15, he racially insulted three black children and threw stones at them. The next day, he is said to have molested other black kids, aged nine to ten, on a beach. He was reportedly telling other whites to throw stones as well.

Two years later, while he was drugged, Mark beat a Vietnamese man with a piece of wood until he passed out. A few hours later he attacked another Vietnamese and hit them so hard that he almost lost his sight in the attack.

Mark Wahlberg was charged with attempted murder, but the charge was downgraded to personal injury and Mark was given two years. He was in jail for 45 days. Mark could have had the violations deleted from his file in the meantime but doesn’t insist. He says: “I stood by it, received my sentence, and completely changed my life afterward.”

3) Jay Z

Jay-Z is one of the most successful rappers of all time. But the star has already been arrested for attempted murder. The first time it happened was in 1989, claims witness Calvin Klein Bacote. Calvin, who claims to be a buddy of Jay-Z at the time, reports that a nasty fight broke out at a party in Maryland, in which guns were attacked.

Jay-Z, whose real name is Shawn Carter, was also said to have been arrested at the time, but his buddy Calvin said he was guilty of the charges of “attempted murder, assault, possession of a dangerous weapon” Jay-Z was released. “If I hadn’t taken on everything back then,” said Calvin, “then we would both have been in jail for more than ten years.”

Almost ten years later, a similar incident followed,  in which Jay-Z stabbed producer Lance Rivera in the stomach and shoulder with a knife in the Kit Kat Club in New York at a party, he was imprisoned for 15 years. The reason for the dispute is not entirely clear. Jay-Z claimed not to have been involved, but pleaded guilty in 2001, he was given three years probation.



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