Jennifer Lawrence Went To Hell For Shooting ‘Don’t Look Up’

Jennifer Lawrence Went To Hell For Shooting ‘Don’t Look Up’

The film “Don’t Look Up” is probably one of the films that many Netflix fans have been looking forward to. After all, it’s not just the story, an asteroid is supposed to hit the earth. The cast is also top-notch with superstars Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence.

Contrary to some negative reviews, the film is absolutely worth seeing and entertaining. Cool, Jennifer shows herself in the comedy as a cool scientist with an undercut, piercings, and a cheeky snout. But as casual as Jennifer Lawrence may appear, one scene was absolute hell.

Horror Scene For Lawrence

One would think that a film in which a chunk of space, as big as Mount Everest, rushes to earth offers enough material that the shoot is not so fun either. In fact, it’s a totally inconspicuous scene that gave Jennifer horror moments for months. The very first scene in the film, in which Lawrence can be seen observing the stars and at the same time raps the track “Ain’t Nuthing ta F ‘Wit” by the Wu-Tang clan.

Anyone who knows the track knows. The members of the Wu-Tang clan are not celebrated for their rap skills for anything. But now Lawrence had to do the same to them. Not an easy task.

Lawrence: “The Worst Day Of My Life”

So Jennifer practiced the lyrics of “Ain’t Nuthing ta F ‘Wit” for weeks – and she thought she was well prepared. But then this:

“Because of Covid this scene was the first that I had to shoot, ” said Lawrence in an interview. ” It was terrible. Now I’m sitting in this big hall and hundreds of people from the film crew are staring at me – and I have to rap Wu-Tang-Clan. That was the worst day of my life without a joke.”

In the film scene, Jennifer looks totally relaxed. So you don’t notice the stress of shooting.

Jennifer Lawrence: Working With DiCaprio Was Hell

The actress is part of a really blatant cast that includes Leonardo DiCaprio and Timothee Chalamet. So you’d think the Hunger Games star was happy to have the opportunity to work with such well-known and talented actors. 

Well, the time for Lawrence obviously wasn’t that great! In a funny interview with Stephen Colbert in his eponymous show, the actress chatted a little out of the box. And it sounds like she won’t be bothered to be in front of the camera with both of them all too soon. Is the reason for the argument about money with DiCaprio? Not quite.



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