Elite: Manu Rios Is Engaged To This Model? Details Inside

Elite: Manu Rios Is Engaged To This Model? Details Inside

Manu Rios, after debuting in Elite, has become the crush of millions of people and fans always want to know what’s going on in his love life. It was recently leaked that the actor is having an affair, which has been going on for some time. Manu Rios would in fact be engaged to the model and influencer Marc Forne.

The Elite actor has become one of the best-known Spanish stars in the world, so much so that he has reached almost 10 million followers. Fans have been wondering for months about who Manu Rios’ partner might be, even though the model never talks about his love life publicly.

According to E! Online, Manu Rios’ boyfriend would be the model Marc Fortune . In fact, in recent months the two have often been seen together. As early as May 2021, clues can be found about their relationship, which perhaps began more like a friendship that evolved into something else.

Manu Rios and Marc Forne spent the summer holidays together, in fact on their profiles you can find photos dating back to August, taken in front of a beautiful sea. Instead, a few days ago, it was the birthday of Manu Rios, and Marc Forne dedicated a series of sweet stories on Instagram with photos depicting the months together.

Clearly, the fact that the two have spent their summer holidays together and some evenings doesn’t mean they are actually a couple. Manu Rios and Marc Forne could only be friends, even if there are now several sources that speak of their relationship. In any case, we remain alert to discover new information on the matter.

Meanwhile, Elite Short Stories season 2 debuted on Netflix, where there is also a series of episodes dedicated to Patrick, the character of Manu Rios.

Elite Season 5: What Is Known So Far?

The hit Spanish teen drama including a complete package of school-going teenagers, drama, relationships, and murder mysteries is returning to the streaming giant with Season 5. The show takes place in Las Encinas, a fictional school available only for exclusive personals. In February 2021, the show was officially renewed for Season 5, and since the announcement, the fans have been waiting for the release of its newest season. 

The fourth season of Elite premiered on Netflix on June 18, 2021. Now the fifth season is expected to release sometime in mid-2022. Moreover, the show has also been renewed for a sixth season so fans can hope that the story of Las Encinas is not over anytime soon.



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