Tom Holland & Zendaya Should Not Date! Here’s Why

Tom Holland & Zendaya Should Not Date! Here’s Why

Tom Holland and Zendaya are officially a couple, and we love them. Recently, the two of them had their first real and charming couple appearance. 

Zendaya also left a charming love message for Tom Holland on Instagram. The two seem happy together and very excited about the other person’s success. We were amazed when we found out that the two should never have gotten together. 

In any case, that was the advice of Amy Pascal, a Marvel director, which they had taken to the chest a few years ago. In an interview with the New York Times, Pascal said: “I took Tom and Zendaya separately aside when we first cast them and gave them a lecture. Don’t do that just leave it. Tried to let it go.” We can see where that has led.

All “Spider-Man” Dated Their Love For Movies

Funnily enough, it was not the first time she tried to break a love affair with the leading actors. She gave the same advice to Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone in 2012, both of whom were in front of the camera for “Amazing Spider-Man” “It can just make things very complicated, you know? But they all ignored me.” Garfield and Stone dated for a full four years. Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst, who starred in the first “Spider-Man” trilogy, were also in a relationship. 

Director Sam Raimi confirmed this to The Sidney Morning Herald: “They had a relationship with each other, I think sometime around the middle of the first film. But they broke up before the second film.” The “Spider-Man” can’t leave their MJ (or Gwen Stacey in Stones’ case). 

Romantic Scenes In No Way Home?

Tom Holland has to say goodbye to his role for now with “Spider-Man: No Way Home.” By the way, we’ve already seen the movie and uncovered a fat Marvel lie in the secret credits scene.

In an interview with Yahoo! Entertainment talked to friend Zendaya and now about their enthusiasm for the new part and the finale of the “Spider-Man” trilogy with both in the lead role. They had a very straightforward answer when asked if they could both imagine a romantic scene. In short, not.

“I think that is very inappropriate.”

Holland had clear words for the question: “I think that’s very inappropriate for the ‘Spider-Man’ franchise.” After all, they are still more or fewer children in the film series. But if there is a future for the characters, then maybe one day we’ll take a closer look.

The way the films are now, they would instead celebrate friendship and love at the moment. Friend Zendaya would also find it difficult to imagine such a scene. “Peter Parker is like a little brother.” Holland added, “Nobody wants to watch Peter Parker, don’t that. That would be just terrible.”



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