4 Netflix Shows Which Won’t Release In 2022, And At All

4 Netflix Shows Which Won’t Release In 2022, And At All

The New Year brings a lot of change, including the Netflix series that we know and love! But Netflix is ​​playing with our feelings and has been for years. The streaming platform regularly throws popular series out of the program. This month, it only happened, and we still haven’t gotten over the shock. Sure, on the other hand, there is also pretty lovely Netflix news regularly that can heal our scarred hearts a little. 

But now, the streaming giant is separating from some shows that we have grown to love over the past few months. We have collected for you the most popular Netflix series that will not continue in 2022.

1) Narcos

The Netflix series “Narcos” is one of the most popular Netflix series ever! The fans were so enthusiastic about the show that “Narcos” even got its offshoot. “Narcos: Mexico,” tells the story of the Guadalajara cartel and its rise, including the beginnings of the Mexican drug war in the 1980s. At least the shock came with an announcement. 

When Netflix announced the third season of “Narcos: Mexico” at the beginning of the year, the news came that it would be the last season. So we were able to prepare ourselves because we would soon have to say goodbye to the dark characters and stories. 

2) Lucifer

Fans of the hit series “Lucifer” had to digest the shock news about the cancellation of the series twice. Once around the fifth season, when it first said the series would not continue. The outcry among fans was so great that a sixth season was announced. 

It started in September, and fans could say goodbye to Lucifer and co. But we are still unfortunate that the series came to an end as lovely as the said ending may have been.

3) Feel Good

“Feel Good” is one of the still comparatively manageable numbers of really good LGBTQ + series and films on Netflix. Unfortunately, fans had to say goodbye to Mae and George and their funny relationship after the second season. 

While the first season of 2020 was received with great enthusiasm and the second season was released a year later, Netflix already said it: “Thank you very much, no interest in further episodes.” 

4) Money Heist

“Money Heist” has brought Netflix enormous success. It initially looked as if the series by Alex Pina would disappear into oblivion after season 1 was practically not watched by anyone. But that was because the streaming giant had not yet included the series in its program. 

As soon as that was done, the quotas went through the roof. Tokyo, the professor, and co.’s saga is now over in the fifth season. We haven’t quite digested the shock yet, but we are grateful for all the seasons that were still granted and very excited about the first spin-offs.



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