‘Shang-Chi: The Legend Of Ten Rings’ Do We Have A Release Date?

'Shang-Chi: The Legend Of Ten Rings' Do We Have A Release Date?

The new film from Marvel was a pleasant surprise for all fans of the universe. An additional bonus for the audience was the colorful oriental atmosphere. The first Asian hero from Marvel, played by Simu Liu, turned out very convincing.

After the indisputable success of the film, the actor could not resist commenting on his page on the network. Liu stated that they “failed so badly we got a sequel.” The star of the film modestly answered all those who did not believe in the sequel to Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rings. By the way, the project was praised and even criticized for its dull plot (from the negative reviews of some critics). For a less picky public, the sequel of the film was obvious.

‘Shang-Chi: The Legend Of Ten Rings’ Do We Have A Release Date?

Marvel’s first project about an Asian hero made a lot of buzz at the box office. It was instantly renewed by beating Black Widow’s ratings and earning the title of Best Science Fiction Film from a renowned studio. The official release date for Shang-Chi 2 has not been announced yet, but the film could premiere sometime in 2023. Now Destin Daniel Cretton has to develop the script for the second part of the film. The picture, which earned more than $432 million at the worldwide box office, is obliged to be further developed.

Shang-Chi 2: What Is The Plot?

Long ago, the powerful conqueror Xu Wenwu obtained ten rings of incredible power. Then he gathered an army and went to conquer the world. One day, Wenwa met Yin Li, whom he fell in love with. He gave up on his goals and decided to marry a beautiful stranger. Soon, two children were born in the family. Once, during Wenwu’s absence, the enemies killed Yin Li. Then the angry father took the path of revenge, teaching the eldest son all the necessary skills.

So, Destin Daniel Cretton will again take on the production (and at the same time writing the script), who now, it seems, will stay for a long time to work in the friendly team of “Marvelists.” Despite news of when Shang-Chi 2 will be released, fans are not yet aware of the cast and even the approximate plot of the story.

Shang-Chi 2: Who Will Be In The Cast?

So far, nothing impressive has been revealed about the cast of the second film, but we know these stars will return.

  • Sima Liu as Sean 
  • Katie Aquafina
  • Tony Leung as Wenwu
  • Chen Fala as Yin Li 
  • Michelle Yeoh as Yin Nan
  • Zhang Men’er as Xialin


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