Teen Wolf: What Is Known About The Film?

Teen Wolf: What Is Known About The Film?

To all fans of the teen drama, watch out. The hit TV series that has won the hearts of millions of fans of the supernatural genre around the world will return with a film directly on Paramount +. Surely you are already wondering when the Teen Wolf movie will be released.

While we still don’t have a precise release date for the revival film of the hugely popular TV series, we still know that it will debut on Paramount + in 2022. We just have to wait to find out more.

Teen Wolf: What Is The Plot?

Towards the end of September, the official account of the TV series dropped the bomb on the arrival of a new film. So many fans were hoping for this moment and finally got this great news. Taking care of the project is once again Jeff Davis, the creator of the original show.

Variety, in fact, has exclusively discovered the agreement that the director has signed with MTV Entertainment Studios. In addition to this film, Jeff Davis will also deal with another TV series, titled Wolf Pack, inspired by the books of Edo Van Belkom.

What is the Teen Wolf movie about? Also thanks to the Variety site we already have the first previews on the plot of the revival film. In the film, we will witness a terrifying new threat that will hit the city of Beacon Hills. Wolves will howl once again for help from banshees, werewolves, were-coyotes, hellhounds, kitsune, and any other shapeshifters of the night.

But only a werewolf-like Scott McCall, no longer a teenager but still an Alpha, can find new allies and gather the most trusted friends to fight against what could truly be the strongest and deadliest enemy ever encountered.

Teen Wolf: Who’s In The Cast?

At this point, there are no doubts, therefore, about the involvement of Tyler Posey, who will return permanently in the role of the protagonist Scott McCall. The actor, in fact, had already clamored in 2020 for the possibility of making a film inspired by the show. Scott’s interpreter also shared the announcement on his social pages and then confirmed his involvement.

Besides him, however, several other actors from the original series have published the post that revealed the film Teen Wolf, like JR Bourne that we remember for his role as Chris Argent, Ian Bohen ( Peter Hale ), Dylan Sprayberry ( Liam Dunbar ), Shelley Hennig ( Malia ), Holland Roden ( Lydia Martin ), Crystal Reed ( Allison Argent ), Cody Christian ( Theo Raeken ), Khylin Rhambo (Mason ), Colton Haynes ( Jackson ), Ryan Kelley ( Jordan Parrish ) and Melissa Ponzio ( Melissa McCall ).



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