Will There Be a Third Season of Young Wallander? How About the Third Season?

Based on the character of fictional Swedish police detective Kurt Wallander created by Henning Mankell, Young Wallander is a Netflix original crime drama. A young, hip and thoroughly modern Wallander is featured as he works on his first case.

The protagonist, Kurt, is a young police officer in his early twenties whose life is shaped by the professional and personal challenges he faces.

Due to the continued relevance of the social commentary that was a prominent feature of Mankell’s original Wallander, the decision was made to make the series a modern adaptation of the iconic detective rather than a prequel.

The show’s first season debuted in September of 2020 and was picked up for a second season, which debuted on February 17, 2022. Killer’s Shadow was the title of the second season. The reviews for the series were all over the place. The future of the show has been discussed, and here’s what you need to know.

Will There Be a Third Season of Young Wallander

How About the Third Season of Young Wallander?

No confirmation of the show’s renewal has been made as of yet. In other words, the show’s renewal for a second season came very soon after the premiere of the first. The number of hours viewers tuned in for and the show’s global appeal is two of the main factors in determining whether or not it will be renewed.

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After the second season premiered, it was no longer included among Netflix’s top 10 shows. Similarly, the show failed to resonate with audiences outside of the Nordic countries. All of these factors point to the likelihood of cancellation. Due to the anthology-style format of the show, however, it is also possible that the show will be renewed in the future to tackle another case.

Season 3 Young Wallander Cast

All of the regulars from Season 2 are returning for Season 3. Maybe some fresh faces will show up. It’s likely that Adam Palsson will play Kurt Wallander, Richard Dillane will play Superintendent Josef Hemberg, and Yasen Atour(Instagram) will play Reza Al-Rahman in the show.

There has been no official announcement regarding who will be joining the cast for Season 3, so far no new cast members have been confirmed.

Will There Be a Third Season of Young Wallander

The Story of Season 3 of Young Wallander

In an effort to move the story forward, the upcoming third season may try to draw parallels to real-world events. Kurt Wallander is a legendary character in Swedish fairy tales, so it stands to reason that authors might be eager to indulge in some fan service for him. However, it’s possible that Mona and Kurt’s relationship will get more attention in Young Wallander Season 3.

We anticipate that they will be able to make amends by the end of Season 3. In contrast, Osei and Frida Rusk will reignite their romance, which may signal the end of the show’s second season.

Eventually, Osei and Kurt will iron out their differences, and Osei will be able to get some sleep. In this case, Kurt and Reza’s friendship is irrelevant. All through season 2, Reza has complained about Kurt’s lackluster performance.

There is no explanation for Reza’s attack, despite the fact that the episode ends with a solution to the problem. Writers can go in any direction they like when it comes to exploring the protagonist’s secrets when that celebrity serves as a springboard.

The Third Season of Young Wallander Will Be Available

The release date for the third season of this captivating TV show has not yet been announced. Season 2 premiered on February 17, this year, so we can safely assume that season 3 will air before the end of 2023. Overall, the series’ reception was very positive, and its high ratings could encourage the creators to put in more effort on Season 3.

In the event that the show is renewed for a third season before the year ends, viewers can anticipate an early-season premiere in September of next year. On the other hand, if everything goes as planned, it could come out even sooner than that.

Will There Be a Third Season of Young Wallander

Where Can You Find This Show?

The third season of this riveting show will soon be available on Netflix. After the theatrical release, the program may be viewed with a Netflix subscription. The previous season is available on streaming services like Netflix(Instagram), Amazon Prime, and Hulu Tv. Digit Binge is another platform where you can watch the episodes.


We don’t have any official trailer for this season.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Series 3 of Young Wallander in the Works?

When can we expect to see Season 3 of Young Wallander? If the show is renewed, then we can proceed. It will likely return by the end of 2023 if it is renewed this year.

Where Can I Watch Season Three of Wallander?

Currently, you can watch “Wallander – Season 3” on Hoopla, BritBox, BritBox Amazon Channel, or buy it as a download on Amazon Video, Apple iTunes, Google Play Movies, Vudu, or the Microsoft Store.

Is Wallander the Model for Young Wallander?

Kurt Wallander, a character created by Henning Mankell in his novels, is the inspiration for Young Wallander, but the series shifts the story to the present day for a number of reasons. Crime shows, fictional or otherwise, remain a top genre, and Netflix has plenty of options in that category.

Do We Expect to See Young Wallander Again?

Ben Harris created the show, and on February 17, 2022, viewers were treated to the premiere of Season 2. There will be a total of six episodes in Season 2. Given the show’s naming convention for its second season, it’s possible that we could pick up the story years later with a new case, making the show almost like an anthology.

Why Do All of the Characters in Young Wallander Speak English?

When asked to explain, the designers said, “He hasn’t become that cynical person yet.” In order to reach a wider audience, the Swedes in “Sweden” (filmed in Lithuania with mostly British actors) speak English, despite the fact that they are technically Swedish. In the present day, Wallander is a young man, which is obviously not right.

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