Bryce Hall Encounters A Creepy Stalker In His House

Bryce Hall Encounters A Creepy Stalker In His House

Bryce Hall experienced a creepy break-in. A stalker suddenly stood in the house of the TikTok star who was filming the encounter.

Creepy Burglary: Bryce Hall Catches Stalker In His House And Freaks Out

Just before Christmas, a stalker drama takes place at the Bryce Hall home. It’s not the first time the TikTok star has struggled with problems like this. It’s the second time he’s had a stalker visit his house since moving out of the Sway House. A few hours ago, Bryce Hall posted a video of his stalker walking into his house and standing on the stairs. 

“Video evidence of how I heard something downstairs and found out that he is the same stalker who walked into my house this year,” the TikTok star wrote of the video. 

In the video, you can hear him say, “Look at this sh*t guy. This guy walked my house, lost his way out of my house. Did you just really just walk into my fucking house?” 

Bryce Hall sounds pretty angry, but with this creepy break-in, it’s no wonder.

Police Arrested The Intruder

However, this time, the TikTok star didn’t manage the creepy break-in himself: the police handcuffed the stalker from Bryce Hall. The first time he caught his intruder, he made his face unrecognizable. Now Bryce has refrained from it. The TikToker also explains why on Twitter: “We pixelated his face in the last video, but this time I don’t give a f*ck, this s*it is scary.” 

It’s really scary when someone walks into your house, as a matter of course when you don’t know anything about it. Hopefully, this will end the stalker drama.

Bryce Faked A Hookup With Selena Gomez

Earlier this week, the TikToker with millions of followers faced severe backlash after lying about an incident that involved Selena Gomez. During the third season of YouTube’s Reality House, the social media star said that he had hooked up with the singer. During a Never Have I Ever game, the social media influencer said, 

“I’ve never had a relationship with an A-list star. Wait, do we count Selena Gomez as an A-lister?”

Soon after the statement was made, the fans of Selena Gomez rushed on Hall, and a rain of criticism fell on the social media influencer. After a significant backlash, Hall went to Instagram to retract his comments on the singer via a story.



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