Harry Potter Reunion: Daniel Radcliffe Reason Behind JK Rowling’s Absence

Harry Potter Reunion: Daniel Radcliffe Reason Behind JK Rowling’s Absence

The “boy with a scar” fans received an incredible New Year gift. The movie bosses decided to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the cult fantasy on a grand scale. The reunion special is produced by Warner Bros and will release exclusively on HBO Max. Here’s what every Potterhead must know about the upcoming special. 

What Is The Release Date?

The official release date for Harry Potter’s 20th Anniversary: ​​Return to Hogwarts is January 1, 2022. Dedicated film fans are already preparing magic wands and cute black robes to go on a fantastic adventure with their favorite characters. A reunion special with exclusive interviews with actors and the best shots that did not make it to the big screens opens the new year 2022.

‘Harry Potter’s 20th Anniversary: ​​Return to Hogwarts’: J.K. Rowling Won’t Be Involved

The most brutal blow for the multi-million army of fans of the cult story about wizards was the news that J.K. Rowling will not appear in the frame. Now the founder of the series of books about the “boy who survived” is difficult times. The culprit was the writer’s ill-conceived statements about transgender people.

It turned out that Daniel Radcliffe was the initiator of J.K. Rowling’s persecution. Declaring that he would not be on the same set with such an intolerant person. Some fans of the actor did not understand why the show star was so up in arms against the writer, offended by the transgender people. Hopefully, Daniel was motivated by purely social motives.

These Actors Won’t Be Seen Too

Unfortunately, some crucial personalities will not appear in the project. For example, Alan Rickman, who played the character of Severus Snape. The actor died in 2016, unable to cope with a severe illness. Fans won’t see Dursley’s uncle (Richard Griffiths) or Helen McCrory (Draco Malfoy’s mother). Both died in 2013 and 2021. But even such sad news will not overshadow the release date in 2022 Harry Potter: Return to Hogwarts because fans of wizards need an absolute miracle.

What Should You Expect From The Reunion?

Fantasy fans will see a reunion special dedicated to the very first part of the Harry Potter franchise. Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, Emma Watson, and many other actors will appear in the frame who played significant roles in the cult movie franchise. The audience will once again see the old scenery of Hogwarts, against the background of which numerous stories from the first persons will be seen.



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