Big Shot Season 2 Confirmed or Canceled: What Happened in Season 1 of Big Shot?

A hothead basketball coach who throws a chair at a referee may not be the type of guy you’d want to spend time with, let alone have coached at an elite all-girls high school.

However, in the Disney+ series Big Shot, you might grow to like him as the show progresses—and not just because he’s played by John Stamos.

The biggest surprise about Big Shot, which is a mashup of Mighty Ducks and League of Their Own and a redemption story, is that it isn’t exactly a comedy, despite having comedic elements. David E. Kelley co-created the show.

(This is the same Kelley who brought Ally McBeal, Doogie Howser, The Practice, Big Little Lies, and a slew of other hit shows to the big screen.)

Will There Be a Season 3 of Big Little Lies?

“It’s not Sesame Street or Breaking Bad.” It’s in the middle, and it’s good,” Stamos, who plays Coach Marvyn Korn, said in a June interview. “What this show does is replace edginess with heart.” It’s a very warm, heartfelt show that isn’t too sappy or sentimental in my opinion.”

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While this is true, Korn was not a warm and fuzzy character in Big Shot Season 1. He arrives at Westbrook School for Girls after being fired from a high-profile NCAA job and doesn’t get off to a good start with his new team, even telling one of his players she needed to lose five pounds. Her reaction? “Everyone said you were a psycho. They were mistaken. You’re just a jerk.”

Korn, on the other hand, begins to pull it together, becoming more of a mentor and less of a taskmaster as he begins to form bonds with his players. He even learns to be a better father to his own adolescent daughter, who moves in (and to Westbrook!) when her mother (Korn’s ex-wife) accepts a job in Italy.

According to Disney, Coach Korn eventually “becomes the man he’s secretly always hoped to be and the father he never had.”

Big Shot won over fans and critics alike, with one calling it one of the best original Disney+ shows in 2021. One reason for this could be that the show is about more than just Korn; it’s also about the young women he coaches.

On and off the court, the show follows their lives. “It’s about empowerment and young girls finding their voice and going after what they want in life,” says Yvette Nicole Brown, who plays the school’s dean.

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Another reason for the show’s success could be that having a show built around young female athletes is still uncommon, even in this day and age, and the young women on the Westbrook Sirens had to learn to play.

“There was nothing fake about it. “There were parts I wished were fake, but they were completely real,” actress Nell Verlaque revealed in April 2021.

Big Shot Season 2 was finally announced by Disney on September 2. Stamos is ecstatic. “At its core, Big Shot is about guts and heart, which Disney+ demonstrated by giving us a second season,” Stamos wrote on Instagram, thanking fans and critics alike.

“I’m so grateful to continue to play Coach Korn, a man who learns to let go of preconceived judgments and learns from an incredible group of women, helping him to evolve and grow,” he later added. And yet, he still has so much to learn…thankfully, he’ll have the opportunity in Season 2.”

Is Big Shot dead?

When Season 1 ended in June, fans were eager to find out what happened to Korn and his team, so when there was no renewal news for weeks, they began to worry that the show had been canceled.

Stamos, on the other hand, clung to hope. “I have a good feeling about returning, but it’s too soon,” Stamos said at the time. Fortunately, Disney gave a definitive answer in September about whether the show would be brought back—and the answer was yes!

When Will Season 2 of Big Shot Be Released?

According to disneyplusinformer, We’re going to get straight to the point with this one and let you know that Disney has not announced a release date for the second season of Big Shot. Since the premiere of the first season of Big Shot took place on April 16, 2021, it stands to reason that the arrival of the second season of the show will not take place at the same time.

Even though we haven’t received any news to imply that production on Big Shot season 2 has started yet, there is still a high probability that it has already started or will start very soon. Even though this is only an informed estimate, we would be shocked if the show did not debut on Disney+ in 2022, with the end of summer or fall being the most likely possibility for when it would be released.

Stay connected to Disney Plus Informer, as we will make sure to let you know as soon as any news regarding Big Shot season 2 is shared with us.

What happened in Season 1 of Big Shot?

Coach Marvyn Korn, gruff, aggressive, and hotheaded, lost his NCAA coaching job after throwing a chair at a referee, so he agrees to be the coach at Westbrook, a swanky all-girls private high school. His rough demeanor does not endear him to the players.

Korn’s daughter Emma joins him full-time when her mother accepts a job in Italy. Korn gradually learns to soften his stern exterior and begin to build better relationships.

The Westbrook Sirens begin to improve on the court, and the University of California, Santa Barbara takes notice (UCSB).

The school hires him as a coach just as the Sirens prepare for a big game against the Carlsbad Cobras. The Siren playbook goes missing, and they suspect Carlsbad; Coach Korn is forced to devise new plays, including one dubbed the “Sacrifice Play.”

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Coach Korn declines the job offer from UCSB and chooses to remain at Westbrook. “I set out to write a new playbook for the team, and I did,” he says before the big game.

Tensions are high due to various pranks intended to put the Sirens off their game (and a swarm of bees that enters the gym! ); Coach Korn suggests playing without fans. Mouse throws the winning basket in a nail-biter after using the Sacrifice Play.

Who Is in the Cast of Big Shot?

Stamos, who is still known to many as “Uncle Jessie” from the Full House franchise, was not expecting to play Coach Korn at all.

When he heard about the “new” David E. Kelley show, he assumed he’d be playing a darker role, perhaps a lawyer. “I was never athletic.” “I’ve never been into or watched sports,” he admitted to Collider earlier this year.

Fortunately, he succeeded—and Kelley is glad Stamos got the job. “The show has touched so many hearts—particularly John Stamos’ brilliance as Coach Marvyn Korn,” the writer/producer said. Stamos, of course, returns for Big Shot Season 2, and it appears that the following Season 1 player will be among those on the court with him:

  • Assistant Coach Jessalyn Gilsig Barrett, Holly
  • George Pappas Yvette is played by Richard Robichaux. Sherilyn Thomas is played by Nicole Brown.
  • Emma Korn is played by Sophia Mitri Schloss.
  • Louise Gruzinsky is played by Nell Verlaque.
  • Destiny Winters is played by Tiana Le.
  • Tisha Carolyn “Mouse” Smith is played by Eve Custodio.
  • Samantha “Giggles” Finkman is played by Cricket Wampler.
  • Olive Cooper is played by Monique Green.

Are Big Shot Season 2 Spoilers Available?

There is no Big Shot Season 2 spoilers yet, but there is plenty of speculation about what might happen next. (Once again, Season 1 spoilers ahead!)

Westbrook will continue as a Division II high school after defeating Carlsbad in the season opener. With that change will come new basketball teams and personalities, as well as more difficult playing challenges. Will they be able to maintain their Division II standing?

The Season 1 finale also revealed that Assistant Coach Holly will be the new coach at Carlsbad, the team that the Westbrook Sirens narrowly defeated. That means a rematch with Westbrook is possible, which would be a high-stakes situation for everyone involved.

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Where is Big Shot shot?

While the Westbrook Sirens appear to be playing in a real high school, Big Shot was actually shot on the Paramount lot in Los Angeles, California. COVID-19 caused issues for the set, which was shut down several times due to positive COVID tests.

Stamos stated in January, “My son went to bed last night crying and woke up crying because he can’t be with his father.” “I’m thankful for a job; it’s a privilege at this time.” I was exposed to the virus for the third time and will have to isolate myself for another ten days!”

Stamos also urged Twitter users to take the pandemic seriously. “I feel my job is to do everything possible to keep us safe,” he tweeted. “However, please follow the rules — your actions have far-reaching consequences that affect far more lives than just your own.” Thanks.”

Is There a Trailer for Big Shot Season 2?

Not yet, because Season 2 has yet to be filmed. However, there was a teaser to announce the new season, which was released on September 2. Stamos declares in it that if he makes a basket, the show will be renewed for a second season. He misses several shots before pleading with Disney+ to renew the show. The screen changes to a title card announcing the arrival of Season 2.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is there a second season of big shots?

The Disney+ Original Series “Big Shot” has been renewed for a second season. After being kicked out of the NCAA, Coach Korn (John Stamos) is given a chance for redemption with a coaching position at an elite private high school.

Did popular programs get Cancelled?

Sign up for free alerts regarding the cancellation or renewal of Big Shot. Big Shot has been renewed for a second season.

Will there be a second season of the Mighty Ducks?

More Stories By Denise. Naveen Paddock (New Amsterdam) will star alongside Josh Duhamel and Lauren Graham as a series regular in the upcoming second season of The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers on Disney+.


One critic called Big Shot one of the best original Disney+ shows in 2021. The show is about Korn and the young women he coaches. The show follows their off-court lives. Yvette Nicole Brown, who plays the school’s dean, says, “It’s about empowerment and young girls finding their voice.”

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