Season 38 of The Challenge: Cast Spoilers, Theme, and More

Even though it has been reported that filming for The Challenge season 38 has only just begun, there have already been numerous details about the cast and production that have leaked, which are already building excitement among fans.

The Challenge, a popular competition show on MTV, has undergone significant changes over the course of the series’ run, with the most recent seasons being almost unrecognizable from the earlier ones.

The show currently includes jaw-dropping daily challenges, brutal elimination challenges, and competitors from all over the world, and it appears that season 38 will be no different in any of these respects.

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Spies, Lies, and Allies was the theme of season 37 of The Challenge, and despite the fact that viewers were starting to get sick of the spy-themed seasons, there was still a lot to enjoy about it.

There were a lot of returning cast members who were fan favorites, such as Chris “CT” Tamburello, Tori Deal, Kyle Christie, and many others. These cast members have been competing for years, shedding blood, sweat, and tears in the process.

Emy Alupei and Emanuel Neagu were two of the many new Challenge stars who appeared in Spies, Lies & Allies.

As The Challenge prepares to enter its 38th season, many of its fans are looking forward to the introduction of something fresh. On Paramount+, The Challenge: All-Stars has been providing viewers with a lot of joy, and many of those viewers are hoping that the original series will step up its game and deliver an entertaining and engaging new season.

It appears that the producers have taken the feedback from fans regarding the lack of true champions and repetitive premises from the previous few seasons into consideration, and they are getting ready to deliver an action-packed season.

Veterans of The Challenge Season 38 Johnny Bananas Similar to Spies, Lies, and Allies, The Challenge season 38 will feature a combination of seasoned competitors and rookie competitors with high hopes.

It would appear that the cast of the 38th season has been revealed, although several contestants are currently being held in isolation as alternates and may never appear on the show at all.

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The list of returning veterans, on the other hand, is staggering and features a number of Challenge winners. The veterans of season 38 will include Johnny Bananas, Laurel Stucky, Turbai “Turbo” Camkiran, Kailah Casillas, Devin Walker, Tori Deal, Nelson Thomas, Nany Gonzalez, Fessy Shafaat, Aneesa Ferreira, Josh Martinez, Kaycee Clark, Nam Vo, Amber Borzotra, Emmy Alupei, Emmanuel Neagu, Jay Starret, Michele Fitzgerald, and Wes Bergmann, who is currently competing on All-Stars, was also supposed to be a part of the season 38 cast, but he has reportedly left the show for reasons that are currently unknown.

Rookies competing in The Challenge Season 38

As was the case with Spies, Lies, and Allies, there will be a large number of international rookies who have appeared on reality TV shows from all over the world, as well as several rookies who have appeared on well-known American series.

Among the newcomers to The Challenge are Analyse Talavera (Big Brother 21), Tommy Bracco (Big Brother 21), Johnny Middlebrooks (Love Island 2), Olivia Kaiser (Love Island 3), Nurys Matteo (EOTB 2, AYTO 6), Horacio Gutierrez (Exalton Telemundo), Ravyn Rochelle (Instagram influencer) and Moriah Jadea (Instagram influencer), Emmy Russ (Beau (Prince Charming Germany).

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The Topic for The Challenge’s 38th season

The producers of The Challenge have decided to shake things up a bit for the upcoming season 38 by giving each season its own distinct theme that will have an impact on the gameplay.

Ride or Dies is the name of season 38 of The Challenge, and similar to Battle of the Bloodlines, it will feature the friends, family members, and significant others of returning Challenge veterans.

The new contestants will include Chauncey Palmer, who is Amber B’s boyfriend; Jakk Maddox, who appeared on Ex on the Peak and is Laurel’s friend; Sam Bird, who appeared on Love Island UK and is Kailah’s husband; James Simon, who is Aneesa’s friend; Kenny Clark, who is Kaycee’s brother; and Tamara Alfaro, who is Turbo’s girlfriend. All of these new contestants are connected to the veteran players in

Details Regarding the Filming of The Challenge Season 38

An Invitation to Play Spies, Lies, and Allies

Fans will be thrilled (though not surprised) to learn that long-time host TJ Lavin will be returning for season 38, which is currently being filmed in Argentina. The production is currently in its 38th season.

COVID-19 is still reportedly causing issues on the set of the production, despite the fact that the production is not experiencing the same level of difficulty as it did when filming during the peak of the pandemic.

The “departure day” for The Challenge season 38 was originally scheduled for May 22, but shortly after the news broke, the entire cast of The Challenge was placed back in quarantine on May 26 due to an outbreak of COVID-19. On the other hand, blogger GamerVev shared with followers on Twitter the news that production will resume on May 31.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does MTV still broadcast “The Challenge”?

TJ Lavin, a former professional BMX rider who has been hosting the show for the past 15 years, will return to host “The Challenge” for the upcoming season in addition to Season 39, which has also been greenlit. Lavin will also host the upcoming season of “The Challenge,” which will air in the following year (via Variety).

Who will be competing on the latest MTV challenge?

The all-star group of players that will take on the new challenge includes Survivor winners Tyson Apostol, Ben Driebergen, and Sarah Lacina, as well as the winner of Big Brother, Xavier Prather, as well as the winner of The Amazing Race, James Wallington, and the winner of Love Island, Justine Ndiba.

How long does it take to shoot an episode of “The Challenge?”

The filming of an entire season can take anywhere from six to eight weeks, and that’s before they get to the finale. During the time that they are competing, contestants are not permitted to leave the property of The Challenge house. According to comments made by Chris “CT” Tamburello in Rolling Stone, there is “very little escape.”


Even though filming for The Challenge season 38 has just begun, details about the cast and production have leaked, building fan excitement. MTV’s The Challenge has changed significantly over the years, with recent seasons almost unrecognizable from earlier ones. The show features jaw-dropping daily challenges, brutal elimination challenges, and international competitors, and season 38 will be no different.

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