New Girl Season 8: Release Date | Is it Confirmed Officially or Cancelled?

New Girl, which is one of the best comedies on Netflix, is made by Elizabeth Meriweather. This American comedy-drama is based on the life of a nice girl named Jessica Day and her funny roommates.

The first episode of the show aired on September 20, 2011, and the last episode of Season 7 came out on May 15, 2018, on Fox. The total number of episodes in the last season was 8, while Season 6 had 22 episodes.

New Girl Season 8

So, if you’ve been waiting for news about Season 8 of New Girl, you might be in for a lot of disappointment, since the show’s future doesn’t look good. Here is everything we know about Season 8 of New Girl.

Is Season 8 of New Girl Going to Happen?

Nick and Jess end up getting married because they finally fall in love. This is the best way to end things. With this ending, it was also clear that the show was over. Since the show has so many fans and has already made 146 episodes, it was recently announced that New Girl Season 8 will not happen and is officially cancelled.


What Happens in New Girl, What to Expect in Season 8 of Girl?

The funny show was about a woman in her thirties named Jess (Brooklyn Decker). She was a high school student’s teacher. When she found out that her boyfriend was having an affair, she broke up with him for good. She moves out of his apartment and into one where she will live with three men.

New Girl Season 8

Nick, Schmidt, and Winston made up the three boys. Nic is smart and wants to be a lawyer, but he dropped out of law school because he couldn’t pay for it.

Schmidt had an odd personality for a businessman. Winston used to be good at sports, but now he doesn’t know what to do. When Jess, a lively new girl, moved in, their lives changed.

Why Did Season 8 of New Girl Get Cancelled?

Even though the show didn’t start out with a high rating, it still had a pretty good rating. However, both the rating and the number of people who watched it kept going down after Season 6. The main reason a show gets cancelled is that not enough people watch it.

Season 8 of New Girl is the same way. All of this made it hard for the show to have a good ending, but the cast and crew of New Girl worked hard, and the show was able to end in a good way.

When Will New Girl Season 8 Come Out?

The last episode of the show aired on May 15, 2018. After 146 episodes, the show’s run is over. Even though it’s the worst news, we can’t deny that the show has given us something to look forward to. The season is finally over, and this is the best episode of the whole thing.

New Girl Season 8

You can stream all seven seasons of New Girl on Netflix, so you can watch the episodes again and learn more about the characters. It sounds like season 8 has been cancelled, and no new plans have been made for reunions.

We can only fill the gap by going back and watching the old seasons again. It can be watched on Netflix in the US and 16 other countries right now. There are 146 episodes, so you can watch it online.

New Girl Has Won Some Awards

Not only has the sitcom been nominated for some of the best awards, but it has also won a lot of them. New Girl has won the following awards:

  • Critics’ Choice Award for the Most Exciting New TV Show
  • Best Actress in a Comedy Series, Critics’ Choice Television Award
  • Telly Award for TV Shows, Promos, or Segments Film/Video – Art Direction
  • Breakout Star Female: Teen Choice Award for Choice TV

Should You Stream New Girl or Not?

You should watch New Girl at least once if you haven’t already. The sitcom is good to watch at least once, if not more. The way things happen makes them more interesting. The show looks at events in a new way and adds warmth to the way most sitcoms are made.

New Girl Season 8

Over the course of seven seasons, the show shows in a beautiful way how friendships, careers, the ups and downs of life, and ways to deal with them all change people.


The eighth season of New Girl has been cancelled, it has been said. Because of this, there is no Season 8 trailer for New Girl. The trailer for the last season is below. You can also watch an episode from the last season on YouTube.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can New Girl Be Seen?

You can stream all seven seasons of New Girl on Disney+ Hotstar.

How Does New Girl Rate on IMDb?

The show is popular, and IMDb gives it a score of 7.7 out of 10.

Will New Girl Have the 9th Season?

The show was given a seventh and final season with eight episodes on May 14, 2017. On January 4, 2018, it was announced that the seventh and final season would start on April 10, 2018, and that it would end with a one-hour series finale on May 15, 2018.

Where Did They Shot New Girl?

New Girl was filmed at 3601 Appleton St, Binford Lofts, Carondelet House, Los Angeles, MacArthur Park, The Griffin (Bar exteriors), The Prince (bar), and Vasquez Rocks Natural Area Park. In the table below, you can see the full list of locations with their latitude and longitude coordinates.

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