Spider-Man 4: Will Tom Holland Return For A New Film? What Will Happen? Release Date?

Spider-Man 4: Will Tom Holland Return For A New Film? What Will Happen? Release Date?

Now that Spider-Man No Way Home has debuted in theaters, many are wondering if Spider-Man 4 starring Tom Holland is going to happen or not. At the moment there are still no confirmations in this regard, although producer Amy Pascal has already talked about a new trilogy with the actor. The news has not yet been made official by sources such as Sony or Marvel, and not even by the interpreter of Peter Parker, who has remained vague on the matter.

Proceeding further in reading this article you could run into SPOILERS, as we will try to understand if the ending of Spider-Man No Way Home leaves room for a future for Peter Parker.

Spider-Man 4: Potential Storyline

If you’ve seen Spider-Man No Way Home before, you’ll know that Tom Holland’s Spider-Man story is far from over. Peter has asked Doctor Strange to erase all memories connected with him to all people, and so neither Stephen nor the boy’s friends know who he is. Now Peter is alone, as Aunt May is dead, and not even Happy or the other Avengers remember him.

So Peter takes a small apartment in New York to start from scratch, makes a new costume without Stark technology, and starts studying for college. MJ and Ned have managed to enroll at MIT, and his wish is to join them, even if they don’t know who he is. In fact, when Peter tries to interact with MJ at the bar where he works, the girl does not recognize him, although perhaps some details suggest that some memory still lives in her.

If the much-talked-about new Spider-Man trilogy hits, we’re sure to see a  grown-up Peter Parker. Is he likely to grapple with Spider-Man’s photographic work for the Daily Bugle and college? It is unclear how he will make  MJ, Ned, and Happy remember his person, and if he will ever regain possession of the Stark technology.

Even one of the post-credit scenes from Spider-Man No Way Home could anticipate Spider-Man 4. In fact, we see Eddie Brock and Venom returning to their universe after they land in the MCU, but they leave behind a fragment of the symbiote. From Mexico, this will arrive in New York, and will we see him join Peter recreating the iconic black costume with the white spider?

Spider-Man 4: When Could A Release Happen?

Sony is already moving forward with its plans with films like Morbius and Kraven the Hunter, due out in 2022 and 2023, but Spider-Man 4 is not among the announced titles at the moment. But when could Spider-Man 4 with Tom Holland come out? The Studios have two free slots for 2023, namely  June 23 and October 6, but we don’t know if either date will be occupied by a new Spider-Man movie.

In 2022 instead, we will see Spider-Man Into The Spider-Verse part 1 and also part 2, starring Miles Morales.



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