Midnight Mass: Is Season 2 Coming Anytime Soon? What Are The Chances?

Midnight Mass: Is Season 2 Coming Anytime Soon? What Are The Chances?

“Midnight Mass” is one of the best in-house productions by Netflix that the streaming service has released in recent months. In the best Stephen King manner, director and series creator Mike Flanagan create a microcosm on the fictional island of Crockett Island that casts a spell over the audience.

After only 7 episodes the story is over and the round ending seems to destroy all hopes for a sequel, right? But whether there could be a second season of “Midnight Mass” and how it would continue in it? Beware, spoilers for the entire first season will follow.

Midnight Mass Season 2: This Is How The Story Could Go On

After almost all the characters from “Midnight Mass” died in the first season, the story cannot develop in very many directions in season 2. Maybe we would follow Warren and Leeza, who are on the mainland reporting the events on Crockett Island and have to build a new life for themselves.

Presumably, they would have to deal with vampires again, after all, “Midnight Mass” could not simply turn into a coming-of-age story without supernatural elements.

The vampire, who was mistaken for an angel by Pruitt, should actually have died because his wings were too injured to flee from the sun, but we did not see his final death. The fact that Leeza can no longer feel her legs at the end of the last episode speaks for the end of the vampire, after all, it was his blood that Leeza previously healed.

Of course, it’s easy to imagine that there are significantly more vampires out there. Thus, a continuation could be done without any problems, even with other figures in a different location. “Midnight Mass” could turn into an anthology series.

Midnight Mass Season 2: What Are The Chances?

Even if a season 2 cannot be completely ruled out, a direct sequel remains unlikely. The story of “Midnight Mass” leaves hardly any questions unanswered, so Mike Flanagan deliberately did without a back door that would simplify a second season.

An anthology series is more likely, but here a new season would be a lot more like a new series, just as Flanagan’s “Haunting of the Hill House” was followed by “Haunting of the Bly Manor” two years later. Again it was about a creepy house and there was a reunion with some actors, but apart from that everything was new. “Midnight Mass” fans can be excited to see which series Mike Flanagan will present to us next, but we probably won’t see Crockett Island again.



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