Seeking Sister Wife Season 5 Release Date: How to Watch It Online?

TLC’s documentary reality show Seeking Sister Wife is a big hit and a source of debate. The show is made by Tori Burnett, Gregory J. Finateri, Jenna Cole, and a lot of other people. The show started in March 2018 and is about families who have more than one wife and are happy to have a sister wife.

Polygamy is against the law in the United States, but this show has the guts to show it on TV. The first three seasons were about three families who were ready to have sister wives join them.

Seeking Sister Wife: A Recap of Season 4

The fourth season of Seeking Sister Wife came out on June 6, 2022. Nick, April, and Jennifer Davis are interesting people we meet on the show. They are polygamists. In Season 4, a third sister’s wife is likely to join the family.

The Foleys are the next family. Steven and Brenda Foley join the cast because they have done polygamy before and want to do it again with a new sister’s wife. The next three people to join the cast are Marcus, Taryn, and India Epps. Marcus is going to marry Taryn, and he has a ring on India’s finger.

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The three people hope to add a new sister and wife to their family. The next family has been on the show before. After a successful third season, they are back for the fourth time. The Jones family, which includes Sidian and Tosha, is looking for a new sister and wife again.

They find Arielle, who is from the Philippines and used to be in a beauty pageant. The Merrifield, a family from Season 3, are also back this season. Roberta, Garrick and Dannielle’s potential sister-in-law, is waiting for them in the United States.

During the process, Garrick starts spending time with a new woman named Lea, who he finds attractive.

Many people like the show because it has a lot of drama. The show chronicles their struggles with jealousy, family, attraction, and compatibility, and does a wonderful job of capturing their raw, honest expressions of emotion. The idea is always new, and people are looking forward to more twists and turns as the show goes on.

Along the way, there are likely to be new sister wives, and new relationships are likely to be more important than the old ones, as we’ve seen with Garrick’s feelings for Lea and Roberta’s jealousy.

The Merrifield family meets 30-year-old Lea on social media and then meets her in person to make new chemistry. Lea is glad to meet the family, and she likes the idea of being in a polygamous relationship and living with more than one adult in the same house.

Seeking Sister Wife Season 4

Season 5 of Seeking Sister Wife Cast

Colton Winder, Tami Winder, Tayler Middleton, Sophie Winder, Vanessa Alldredge, Sharis Alldredge, Jf Alldredge, Kaleh Marley, Roberta Rodrigues(Instagram), Sidian Johnes, Dimitri Seneka Snowden, Ashley Capri Snowden(Instagram), Dannielle Merrifield, Christine Peterson, Garrick Merrifield, Roberta Rodrigues, Sidian Johnes, Jarod Clark, Vanessa Clark, To (and more to join in the coming future)

How Can I Watch Seeking Sister Wife?

You can stream the series on TLC or rent or buy it on iTunes, Google Play, VUDU, and Amazon Prime Video, but you won’t get all of the episodes. You can also watch the show on YouTube TV, and TLC through the Hulu Live TV Package, Philo, FuboTV, and Sling TV.

Seeking Sister Wife Season 4

Seeking Sister Wife Season 5 Release Date

Seeking Sister Wife hasn’t been picked up for the fifth season by TLC yet. Young people who want natural drama from a different point of view every day like to watch the show. The show has done a good job of showing these main points.

So, it’s safe to say that if the show got a new season, it wouldn’t be a failure. Of course, that’s only true if it keeps going in the same direction, because we’ve seen a lot of reality shows where families do weird and awkward things.

This show takes a different approach and is a documentary, which makes it harder to understand and follow. As of now, the show is going well and the concept is still interesting to people who watch it.

The show’s recent fourth season will also have a big impact on whether or not it will be renewed. The more attention it gets, the more money and production will be put into new challenges.

The same cast is likely to be back for the new season since we just got a new cast and the show still seems to be entertaining. It would be a problem if the fifth season got a new cast or the cast changed. But as of right now, everything is just guesswork, and we have to wait and see what happens in the near future.

  • Season 4: 6 June 2022
  • Season 3: 22 March 2021
  • Season 2: 19 January 2019
  • Season 1: 14 January 2018

Seeking Sister Wife Season 4


We don’t have any official trailer for this season.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When Did Seeking Sister Wife Finish?

Fans won’t be able to follow the Winders on their journey to find another sister-wife, which is too bad. They won’t be back for the fourth season in 2022. “As some of you may have seen, we won’t be on Seeking Sister Wife for season 4.

What Is Happening in Seeking Sister Wife?

Ashley and Dimitri Snowden are no longer together. Last season, they were dating two possible sister wives. Ashley told her followers on Instagram about the breakup in July 2021 by writing, “I’m single and thankful for life.”

Are Sister Wives Returning?

Paedon Brown told his TikTok followers that filming for Season 17 of “Sister Wives” had begun. In January 2022, a fan asked Christine and Kody’s son Paedon Brown if his mother would be back on Sister Wives if there was a new season. He said, “They are making a movie right now.” (But who exactly are “they”?)

How Many Seasons of Seeking Sister Wife Are There?

“Seeking Sister Wife,” a popular reality show on TLC, started in 2018 with three seasons about different families in different stages of looking for or bringing in a new sister wife (via The Sun).

Are Sister Wives Coming Back?

Seeking Sister Wife’s fifth season will be expected to start in June 2023, and it will feature three new families. There will also be two couples from past seasons.

To know more about the latest news regarding the new series, check out our website by clicking here.

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