The Gilded Age: Release Date? And Plot Updates? What You Must Know

The Gilded Age: Release Date? And Plot Updates? What You Must Know

Since 2012, the American network NBC has entrusted the creator of Downton Abbey, Julian Fellowes, with creating a historical TV series entitled The Gilded Age. At the time, however, the man was utterly absorbed in work on ITV and PBS’s period drama, so the network decided to put the project on hold. With the demise of Downton Abbey, Fellowes was finally able to focus on the new show. After six years, in January 2018, NBC announced that it had officially ordered the production of The Gilded Age.

“Writing The Gilded Age is a personal dream come true. This period of American history has always fascinated me, and now NBC has allowed me to bring it to a modern audience. I couldn’t be more excited and enthusiastic. The truth is that America is a wonderful country with a rich and varied history, and nothing could give me greater pleasure than being the person who can bring this engaging story to the stage.” Said Julian Fellowes.

These are the words of Julian Fellowes. The TV series was supposed to debut in 2019, and initially, it was speculated that it could be one of the projects that the network had reserved for the second half of the season. However, there were very few updates as the months went by, and consequently, this hypothesis was shelved.

In any case, the work continued. At some point, however, as reported by Deadline, the project turned out to be quite ambitious and too expensive to complete for a commercial television network without compromising the creator’s vision. At that point, HBO stepped up, and The Gilded Age joined the cable channel schedule.

The Gilded Age: When Will It Release?

After all this digression, when does The Gilded Age TV series come out? HBO announced the release date of the period drama only in mid-November. The debut was set for January 24, 2022. Julian Fellowes had stated in January 2020 that the show was still in pre-production, and only later in the year could filming begin. As we know, however, 2020 was a complicated year. 

The Gilded Age: What Is The Plot?

The TV series is set in the 80s of the nineteenth century, a historical period that takes the name of The Gilded Age in the USA. This is a period of rapid economic growth, especially for the north and west of the country. At the same time, however, those were also years of poverty and inequality. The plot of the TV series revolves around Marian Brook, the orphaned daughter of a Southern general who lives with her aunt in New York.

Accompanied by the mysterious Peggy Scott, an African-American woman disguised as a maid, she becomes involved in the dazzling lives of the wealthy family in the house next door, consisting of railroad tycoon George Russell, son Larry, and ambitious wife, Bertha. According to the previews of The Gilded Age TV series, Marian will experience a whole new world that is slowly developing just around the corner.



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