American Horror Story Season 10: Release Date, Cast, Plot – Everything We Know So Far!

Season 10 of American Horror Story will air its finale in the United States tomorrow (20th October), but it will also make its UK debut. The latest twisted tale from creator Ryan Murphy, which premiered in the US in August, has taken a little longer than usual to reach UK audiences.

However, the anthology horror series is about to return to UK shores just in time for Halloween – and, somewhat surprisingly, the terrifying series has a new home on Disney Plus.

To compensate for the delay, we’ll get a second helping of freaks and shrieks in season 10, which will be titled Double Feature and will feature two distinct stories. Part 1: Red Tide will consist of six episodes about seaside scares, while Part 2: Death Valley will consist of four episodes about alien abductions.

Fans of the show’s signature tongue-in-cheek comedy may be disappointed to learn that it is missing this year, with Double Feature appearing to lean firmly on the side of scares and seriousness.

American Horror Story Season 10

Adina Porter, star of American Horror Story, revealed in an interview with The Wrap that this was not always the case, explaining that the first draughts she was given had more humour. “There’s what I read in the original script that was given to me, and then there’s what I did.”

“The editor then created things. And I was surprised by what made it onto the show and what didn’t.” Porter went on: “There was a lot more — a little bit more over the top, line-wise and character-wise – than what’s in the finished product when we were filming it.

“As an actor, I saw it and thought, ‘Oh, OK.’ They filmed as if they were raw materials. They then pieced things together to determine the best way to prepare this particular dish this year.” So, as Ryan Murphy’s delightfully disturbing anthology series AHS goes even more experimental than usual, here’s what we know about season ten.

What Will the Theme of American Horror Story Season 10 Be?

‘Double Feature’ is the theme of American Horror Story season 10. The season will be divided into two parts, one dedicated to terrifying sea creatures and the other to aliens. Part 1 will be titled ‘Red Tide,‘ and will take place ‘by the sea,’ in a remote seaside location.


“A struggling writer, his pregnant wife, and their daughter relocate to an isolated beach town for the winter,” according to the official synopsis. Once they’ve settled in, the town’s true residents begin to emerge.”

American Horror Story Season 10

Part 2 will be titled ‘Death Valley,’ and will take place ‘by the sand,’ presumably in Death Valley, California. Part 2’s official synopsis has yet to be released. Both parts will be broadcast in 2021.

When Will the Tenth Season of Ahs Premiere?

On August 25th, 2021, FX will premiere American Horror Story: Double Feature. Plans to film in April were put on hold due to coronavirus shutdowns, with Murphy explaining that the season was “weather-dependent.

“However, it was confirmed in August 2020 that production on season 10 would begin in October. Season 10 production began in Los Angeles in December 2020, with the cast beginning to film on location in Provincetown, MA in March 2021.

Who Will Return for American Horror Story: Double Feature in Season 10?

American Horror Story: Double Feature will feature two distinct casts, with some actors appearing as different characters in both halves of the season. Murphy revealed the cast for ‘Red Tide’ in February 2020.

Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters will return, as will Lily Rabe, Leslie Grossman, Macaulay Culkin, Frances Conroy (who will reportedly replace Kathy Bates), Billie Lourd, Adina Porter, and Angelica Ross, and Ryan Kiera Armstrong. Denis O’Hare also makes his first appearance since Roanoke.

American Horror Story Season 10

Murphy has also revealed that another cast list for the ‘Death Valley’ half of the season will be released soon. Part 2 has already confirmed Sarah Paulson, Neal McDonough, and John Carroll Lynch. Lily Rabe is also expected to return in a different role for Part 2.

Is This the Final Season of American Horror Story?

Because American Horror Story is an anthology, there is no set end date. It all depends on whether Ryan Murphy and his collaborators have any more craziness up their sleeves – and it appears that they do.

On January 9, it was announced that American Horror Story would return for three more seasons, keeping the show on the air until at least 2023. So, in response to our own question, the answer is no. Season ten will not be the last.

Murphy told EW that Roanoke was the season that made him think, “OK, this show can go for 20 years.”Because we can continue to experiment with the format and form. It demonstrated to me that not every season had to be a grand spectacle.

We could be raw, rough, and authentic “He elaborated. Murphy previously stated to Variety: “Around Season 5, John [Landgraf, President of FX] and I said, “This is something so beloved that it might be able to continue.”In terms of global reach, it is now in its ninth season.

American Horror Story Season 10

It’s one of the most popular shows in the world, so I’ll keep wanting to do it as long as John wants to. So, we’ve been debating whether we should call it quits. Should we continue forward?

But I’m hoping we can make progress.”Murphy has also recently signed a multi-million dollar deal with Netflix, but it has been stated that this will not affect his work on the FX series.

Season 10 Episode Count for American Horror Story

The show’s creators confirmed that the tenth season would have ten episodes. The upcoming season is titled “Double Feature” because it will focus on two distinct storylines.

The first instalment, titled “Red Tide,” will consist of six episodes. The second part, on the other hand, is titled “Death Valley,” and it will be completed in four episodes.

American Horror Story Season 10 Trailer


Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is Season 10 of Ahs Called Double Feature?

In honour of the tenth season of “American Horror Story,” which is aptly titled “Double Feature” because it contains two seasons, “Red Tide” and “Death Valley,” city editor Griffin Wiles and cops and courts reporter Wajeeha Kamal decided to weigh in on the new season in a traditional double column.

Where Can I Watch Ahs Season 10?

While cable TV subscribers can watch AHS: Double Feature live on FX, everyone else will need a Hulu subscription to watch the show via FX’s partnership with the streaming service. Hulu provides a 30-day free trial after which it charges $6 per month with ads or $12 per month without ads.

Is Ahs Going to Disney+?

American Horror Story has already aired two seasons on Disney Plus. The streaming service will soon have access to all of Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk’s award-winning horror series. The anthology series has ten seasons and each season follows a different story with a recurring cast of characters.

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