Will There Be a Season 2 of Air Gear? (Revised in 2022)

The question is, will Air Gear return for a second season? And when will season 2 of Air Gear premiere?

Here is everything we know so far about whether or not the second season of the Air Gear anime will air in 2022, as well as a possible release date.

The Air Gear anime, known in Japan as Ea Gia, is based on a popular manga.

Oh! has authored and illustrated the Air Gear manga series. Great.

Air Gear is a fantastic futuristic sports anime with shounen elements, so it’s no surprise that fans around the world are wondering if there will be a second season.

The protagonist of this anime series is a middle school student named Itsuki Minami.

Alongside his best friends Kazuma Mikura and Onigiri, Itsuki tries to realize his dream of reaching the sky, ruling the skies, and becoming the most skilled storm rider ever.

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How Many Air Gear Seasons Are There?

The Air Gear anime has only aired one season and three OVAs. There is currently no season 2 of Air Gear.

The OVAs are entertaining to watch, but they do not continue the anime series. The three OVAs adapt subsequent material from the original source.

In April 2006, the first season of the Air Gear anime, consisting of 25 episodes, debuted in Japan. Since then, this series has amassed a sizeable fan base that remains hopeful that Air Gear will be renewed for a second season.

I have analyzed hundreds of anime sequels over the past six years. Some examples are:

Will Air Gear Return for a Second Season?

According to animenextseason, We must consider two factors to determine whether Air Gear Season 2 will premiere in 2022 and its likely release date.

The first factor is the source material, and the second is the first season’s profitability.

We will now examine both to determine whether or not Air Gear will have a second season.

Manga Season 2 Air Gear

How many Air Gear volumes are there? As of January 2022, 37 volumes of Air Gear exist.

Is the end of the Air Gear manga near? The final volume of the Air Gear manga, volume 37, concluded the story. Currently, the author is developing a manga adaptation of Bakemonogatari.

Oh! Tenjho Tenge published his most recent book in Japan on July 17, 2012.

Air Gear Volume 38 release date? Volume 38 of Air Gear will never be published because the series ended with volume 37.

Where to begin reading Air Gear after the first season concludes? Volume 13 is the manga volume following the first season.

Check out Air Gear Manga Volume 13 if you wish to continue the story after the conclusion of the first season.

The first season adapted the first twelve volumes. The second season will consist of volumes 13 to 24.

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This indicates that there is sufficient material for Air Gear season 2.

I strongly suggest reading the Air Gear manga. It’s the only way to continue the story in 2022, as many fans prefer books over anime.

Air Gear’s Revenue and Profitability

How popular was the Air Gear DVD? The first season of Air Gear DVDs sold roughly 1,355 copies per disk.

Less than 3,000 DVDs were sold in 2006 when disk sales were still crucial to the success of a new season.

How popular was the Air Gear manga? Volume 36 of Air Gear sold approximately 170,000 copies, while Volume 37 sold just over 150,000 copies.

Earlier volumes of the Air Gear manga sold close to 275,000 copies, but sales declined slightly before the series’ conclusion, although they are still respectable.

How many copies of Air Gear are currently available? As of 2012-07-17, there were 18,000,000 copies of the Air Gear series in print.

It does not rank among the top 100 manga series of all time.

How much merchandise does Air Gear offer? That there are more than forty figurines is a plus. Additionally, more than 100 pieces of merchandise have been created for this series.

I would have expected a bit more merchandise.

However, there is no way to discover this in 2022 due to the series’s age.

I believe it is now evident that this series did not generate a great deal of revenue, which could be problematic for the second season.

If you are a fan of the Air Gear series, you should check out the Air Gear omnibus. It contains three volumes of the manga.

Air Gear Season 2 – Date of Release

As of January 2022, there is no confirmed release date for Air Gear Season 2, and it is likely that the second season will never be released.

There will never be a release date for Air Gear s2, and the reasons for this are straightforward.

It is because of profit in the case of Air Gear. The second season of Air Gear did not receive a release date because the first season did not generate a significant amount of revenue.

A new season of anime will only be commissioned if the previous season was profitable, as we saw with Air Gear.

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Profit is the primary reason why many anime series are not renewed, as profit is the most important factor.

If Kodansha desired more Air Gear anime, they would have requested a new season from Toei Animation a long time ago.

There is no reason to produce a new season after 15 years. The majority of the fan base has vanished by 2022.

Air Gear was not a commercial success, so there is no reason to reboot it, but with Netflix, anything is possible.

I cannot imagine why it would ever receive another season. No, there will not be a second season of Air Gear.

So it’s easy to understand why this show never received a second season.

For the production committee, the expense is simply not justified.

If you wish to continue the story, you must consult the Air Gear omnibus, as the manga is the only option.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will there be a second season of Air Gear?

Since Toei Animation released the first season of Air Gear over a decade ago, they have not provided any updates regarding the series’ future. Consequently, the second season of Air Gear is highly unlikely. In terms of source material, however, the studio has more than enough for a season renewal.

Is the second season of Tonikawa planned?

The second season of ‘Tonikawa: Over the Moon for You’ is currently in production. A day prior to the release of the final episode of the first season, the anime news leaker Spytrue revealed that Tonikawa is in development. Several months later, the news leak was confirmed by an announcement on the cover of Weekly Shonen Sunday Issue 50, 2021.

Will there be a second season of Highschool of the Dead?

An Anime Network based in the United States is prepared to undertake Season 2 of the anime Highschool of the Dead. We do not know the answers to your who, when, and how questions because the information is not yet public. 02-May-2022


To summarize, there will almost certainly never be an Air Gear Season 2, so don’t look for a release date. The only way for this series to continue is for it to be completely rebooted.

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